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Art Deco Fireplaces

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You may have noticed that Art Deco fireplaces have made a glorious comeback in recent years. A use of structured squares and lines, smooth materials such as limestone and marble and flourishes, Art Deco styled fireplaces can now be found in many homes. But it's only at Vinterior that you can find a truly unique and genuinely vintage piece from the era itself. Browse through our extensive collection of Art Deco fireplaces to find a perfect fit for your home.

Why choose an Art Deco fireplace?

As with lots of Art Deco pieces – when it comes to fireplaces it's either go big, or go home. Art Deco fireplaces are all about making a statement and leaving an impact. But just because it's noticeable, that doesn't mean it will take over a room entirely. On the contrary, Art Deco styles use modern geometric designs to create pieces which both stand out individually and take their surroundings to bold new heights, complementing and magnifying their beauty with its own bold colour palette and seamless finish. Art Deco furniture always acts as a team player, bringing the whole room together to make a truly opulent living space, admired by all.

While the Art Deco movement had been and gone by the 1940s, its appeal has continued to live on, inspiring artistic movements and furniture design many years later. This makes an Art Deco fireplace so easy to slot into any home. If you love Art Deco but aren't quite ready to completely redecorate and go all out, fireplaces are a great place to start. But be warned: once you discover the beauty and simplicity of Art Deco, you'll want to fill your home with pieces from that era and no other!

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco fireplaces?

The beauty of a fireplace is how it acts as the central point of a living space, where the whole family can gather round on a cold evening and enjoy each other's company. It makes a room far more inviting and there is nothing better than walking into a living room after a long, dark winter's day and seeing a roaring fire in a stunning surround. Our Art Deco fireplaces offer decadence and opulence to a fireplace, giving you another reason to gather around the fire with your family.

Art Deco fireplace and surround designers

What separates our fireplaces from the mass-produced Art Deco styled fireplace you can find in most stores, is that they carry with them history and heritage. Our fireplaces don't just look Art Deco – they are Art Deco, built by genuine designers of the era such as Thomas Elsley. With our fireplaces, you won't feel as though you are copying or imitating a look, rather you are claiming it as your own, and you will see the difference. We specialise in furniture with character, and with its very own story that you can share with family and friends. Historical furniture pieces such as those from the Art Deco period are rich in craftsmanship and charm, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in every item when you shop at Vinterior.

Vintage isn’t all we do. You’ll also find a range of more contemporary items in our range, with all the charm and character you would expect from the finest antiques. So what are you waiting for? Explore our vast collection of furniture from across styles and eras today. You may even find the perfect addition for your home.

Work in the furniture trade?

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