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Vintage Stone Fireplaces

Create a focal point in your living room, lounge or hallway with our striking vintage stone fireplaces. Find minimalist pieces alongside those that ooze grandeur and elegance. These fire surrounds can be used to frame either an open fire or a wood burning stove, for a striking effect.

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Vintage stone fireplaces

Want to make a statement? Install one of our stunning vintage stone fireplaces in your home. These lovely fire surrounds in robust, elegant stonework can be installed as part of various decor styles, including Victorian, Georgian and art deco.

It makes perfect sense to use stone near fire because it’s durable, fireproof and heat resistant. Browse our used, refurbished and reproduction fireplaces and choose a hardwearing and elegant fire surround for your home.

Chimneys through the ages

Chimneys were invented in the 11th century, alleviating the problem of smoke and fumes building up in living spaces.

Stone has been a popular material for making bolections – or fireplace surrounds – since the Tudor times.

With so much history to cover, there are plenty of different types of vintage stone fireplace in our selection. So why not explore a bit? To see more detailed photographs and to learn more about each piece, just click into the listing.

Vintage stone fireplace mantels

Depending on the look you hope to achieve for your home, there are many different types and styles of vintage stone fireplace mantels to choose from. Early fire surrounds in stone tend to have a simple shape, with two vertical pillars and a flat horizontal piece of stone resting on the top.

French style fireplaces are a little more ornate, featuring pretty carvings, as are British pieces such as the Queen Anne, Victorian and Georgian styles. These look excellent topped with a mantel clock in polished wood or brass.

Sandstone has a glorious yellow or red tinge. Or perhaps you appreciate a lighter-coloured stone fireplace? Opt for a smooth, pale limestone such as Bath or Portland stone. And place a vintage candle holder on each side for a symmetrical finish.

Is a dark stone fireplace more your thing? Derbyshire limestone is usually a darker grey with interesting patterns formed by fossils. This means that no two pieces could ever be the same. Slate fireplaces have a striking dark grey hue. As well as being wipe clean, this type of stone is a fantastic insulator, keeping all the heat in the room to save energy costs.

Alternatives to stone fireplaces

Vinterior is a friendly marketplace where you’ll find thousands of glorious pieces of vintage furniture, artefacts and artwork from expert vendors in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

For fire surrounds in other materials like iron, marble and brass, see our full range of vintage fireplaces. We also have a wide selection of fireguards or fenders you can use to make the area safe. Want to create an authentic display? Don’t miss our collection of coal scuttles.