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Vintage Oak Fireplaces

A fireplace is both the hearth and the heart of a home. Use yours as a functional way of heating your room. Or as more of a decorative feature. Vinterior has an impressive selection of vintage oak fireplace surrounds and reclaimed vintage oak fireplace mantels to add wit and warmth to any space.

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Buying vintage oak fireplace surrounds

After decades of original fireplaces being removed from homes the traditional hearth is seriously back in style again. And for the ultimate in cosiness look to the warming aesthetic of vintage oak.

From ornate and decorative to rustic and hardworn, vintage oak fireplace surrounds can fit easily into any home decor style. You’ll find gorgeous heavy dark staining of the Victorian era. And skillful carvings from the arts and crafts movement. There’s a vintage oak fireplace surround to suit you and your home. Here’s what to look out for as you browse.

Size- Consider the height and width of your existing fireplace. And also how the size of the vintage oak fireplace surround or reclaimed vintage oak fireplace mantel will fit with your room. How large do you want your mantel area? Those wanting to use theirs as a room focal point or to display objects and ornaments will need to choose one wide enough for this purpose.

Functionality- Is this to be a working fireplace or purely aesthetic? There will be practical considerations if it’s to serve its original purpose. Discuss these with your fitter and feel free to ask our Vinterior sellers any questions. Not going to be using it as an actual fire? Go with your heart and choose the style that suits your decor the best. If you don’t want to use your vintage oak fireplace as a working item there are plenty of styling tricks to fill the hearth. A selection of dried flowers in mismatched vases give a rustic air. Whereas large church candle holders nod more to the original purpose. And for party time? Fairy lights in large glass vases are an instant hit of fun.

Styling your vintage oak fireplace surround

If you’ve fallen in love with the wood check out Vinterior’s extensive range of oak furniture. And let your new fireplace surround influence the rest of your styling.

If your fireplace sits between alcoves then oak wall shelving is a good option to tie the room together. Find everything from ornate bookcase styling to simple reclaimed beams in our selection, hand curated from over 1,800 trusted dealers. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Want a larger statement oak piece to compliment your vintage oak fire surround? An oak dining table is a classic piece of furniture. See it as an investment as its hard working functionality means it can be passed down from generation to generation, seeing decades of family meals.

Hungry for even more oak? Take a look at our select of oak furniture. Start small with a side table or decorative box. Or go all out with a set of chairs, a tonal cabinet or an oak writing desk.