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Vintage Marble Fireplaces

Get stoked up with our collection of vintage marble fireplace surrounds and find the perfect frame for your fireplace. A characteristic fireplace should be celebrated and proudly displayed. And now you can do just that, with one of our elegant Edwardian, vintage Victorian or a gorgeous Georgian marble fireplace surround.

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Vintage marble fireplace surround

We all dream of moving into a picture perfect, characterful home. One criteria for the perfect home is a glamorous fireplace. A fireplace that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t look away from.

The likelihood of finding this picture perfect home is slim. But fear not. With our vintage marble fireplace surrounds, you can transform your dull and uninspired fireplace into something spectacular.

A vintage marble fireplace surround offers beauty, elegance and character for any room. So, whether you choose to put it in your lounge, dining room, bedroom or hallway, it’ll look right at home.

Why choose a vintage marble fireplace mantel?

Marble fireplaces are making a big comeback and it’s easy to see why. They’re gorgeous. But why should you choose a vintage marble fireplace mantel for your home?

Marble is a strong and sturdy material that can last for years. Marble fireplaces were most popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras and used as a symbol of luxury and class. In our collection you’ll find fireplaces that date back to the 1900s, 1800s and 1700s.

Despite the durability of the stone, marble is easier than most materials to carve. Which is why you’ll find beautiful and intricately detailed marble fireplaces that can seamlessly add character and charm to your home.

Detailed marble fireplace surrounds are perfect for pairing with Victorian or shabby chic furniture. The floral patterns and curves on the fireplaces offer extra elegance.

Prefer something less ornate? Plain and simple marble fireplace surrounds are ideal for homes that favour the minimalist look of mid century modern furniture.

Marble fireplace surrounds are also a great choice for those who want hassle-free fireplace maintenance. At most, a marble fireplace requires a quick wipe down once a week, to ensure dust and soot aren’t building up.

If you intend to use the fireplace then you want to make sure your mantlepiece doesn’t get too hot, especially if you want to keep accessories on the top of it. This is where a marble fireplace surround is ideal. Marble is a heat-resistant material, meaning that it’ll stay cool even when you have the fire blazing. They also work well with more modern log burners and stoves.

Discover your vintage marble fireplace surround

At Vinterior, our community of over 1,800 boutiques and independent sellers have a variety of vintage marble fireplace surrounds to choose from.

Got a budget to stick to? We can help with our fireplaces for less than £1,500.

Want to match a marble fireplace with your existing style? We’ve got a variety of different styles to choose from, including Victorian, Georgian, French antiques, contemporary, and many more.

Looking for a variety of materials for your fireplace surrounds, so each room can have a different look and feel? We’ve also got cast iron, brass, iron, stone and other materials to choose from. Check out our full collection of vintage fireplaces now and find your favourites.