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Cast Iron Fireplaces

By its very nature, a fireplace acts as the centrepiece of any space. Whether in a dining room, living room or even a grand bedroom, the fireplace is an inherently elegant home feature, so why not do everything you can to send this level of luxury to the maximum? By opting for reclaimed fireplace designs, you can add a healthy dose of intrigue and interest to your home environment, and working with materials like cast iron is sure to give your home an ornate feel. If you’re looking to really make a statement with your interior design, take a look at our collection of reclaimed cast iron fireplaces right here at Vinterior.

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The power of reclaimed cast iron fireplaces

Reclaimed furniture celebrates its past and looks forward to the future. As the name suggest, reclaimed items are those that have had a previous life, and have been salvaged to be used as a statement piece in an interior setting. Their rich backstories give these pieces an unrivalled sense of character, completely transforming the feel of an interior setting. And with no piece of furniture is this truer than the fireplace.The fireplace is a grand home addition no matter what form it takes. However, a reclaimed fireplace boasts a history which gives it an even greater sense of grandeur. Reclaimed cast iron fireplaces are particularly popular, having lived another life perhaps in a Victorian manor house, or a grand early 20th century home.

How to introduce reclaimed cast iron fireplaces into your home

Restored cast iron fireplaces instantly make a statement and draw the eye. Features such as decorative friezes and a traditional black grate polish finish have the ability to add style and substance to a room. Depending on your choice of colour scheme and soft furnishings, a cast iron fireplace may also punctuate an otherwise light and neutral design.Of course, you need to make sure you do such an incredible piece of furniture justice with how you choose to introduce it into your home. A reclaimed cast iron fireplace isn’t something that can just be added without any consideration to the rest of the space. But bringing it into a quirky living room space, grand dining room or even an entrance hall can help you make a statement with your home. You could decorate the mantlepiece with equally vintage items, such as a mantle clock, or create contrast with modern accessories.

Reclaimed cast iron fireplaces: why shop at Vinterior?

In the past, seeking out high quality cast iron fireplaces was a real chore. Not only was traipsing through your local marketplaces and second-hand shops time consuming, but you weren’t even guaranteed to find what you were looking for.Thankfully, this is no longer the case. At Vinterior, you can browse thousands and thousands of unique furniture items all from the comfort of your own home. We are the largest online marketplace for heritage furniture with plenty of character. Each piece in our collection is completely unique, and possesses its own story to tell. You’ll discover vintage, antique, retro, mid-century, upcycled, repurposed, artisan, bespoke and even contemporary furniture pieces in our collection, each with its own individual charm.Within our collection, you’ll find a great selection of reclaimed fireplaces to really bring warmth and wonder into your home. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are an antiques expert or simply looking to get inspired, Vinterior is the place to be. Enjoy exploring our collection of fireplaces and other home additions today.