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Vintage Grey Fireplaces

A vintage grey fireplace is a sleek addition to any living space. Grey fireplaces often stand out in a space. Plus they complement almost all colour schemes and designs. From ornate marble pieces to 19th century French stone fireplaces, we have plenty of options to add warmth and atmosphere to your home.

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Styling a vintage grey fireplace

A fireplace is often seen as the heart of the home. After all, what’s a cosy autumn or winter evening without crackling logs, a comfy blanket, and a good read?

A fireplace surround needs to complement the ravaging flames burning within and style well with the surrounding decor.

But even if your chimney can’t handle the heat, a non-working fireplace can still add a homely and inviting feel to a living space. A vintage grey fireplace offers a unique look to a living room and often functions as the centrepiece of a space. That’s why making sure it looks trendy and tasteful year-round is essential. The bold design usually draws in all eyes.

As your grey fireplace serves as the central point for the whole space, take the opportunity to display beautiful wall art or interesting sculptures above it. Or, for added warmth and vibrancy, place a colourful rug beside your grey fireplace.

If your fireplace is non-working, you can get creative and fill it with something other than logs. Books, plants, prints and other bits and bobs can all give off a chic feel. Just be sure to vacuum any soot and dust and place a drop cloth to protect your precious pieces before tucking them inside the fireplace.

When it comes to styling the mantlepiece of your vintage grey fireplace, decorate with shapely vases, stunning mirrors, and atmospheric candle holders. It’s the little details that matter. And finishing touches say it all.

Consider the backdrop of your fireplace too. You may decide to keep the look simple and stylish with complementary vintage grey fireplace tiles. Alternatively, you may choose a more vibrant, colourful backdrop to brighten up the room. There are plenty of ways to style a vintage grey fireplace.

Choosing a vintage grey fireplace

Our growing vintage grey fireplace collection features pieces in many styles to add character to your home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design to add refinement and class to a space, or a more contemporary, in vogue design, we’ve got you covered.

If you have a specific look in mind, our easy to use search system makes browsing simple. Adjust the filters according to your preferences. You can search for a vintage grey fireplace by material, style, period, and more.