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Vintage Fireplaces

There are few things nicer than sitting next to a roaring fire on a cold night. Make your fire the heart of the home with a vintage fireplace that really sets it aglow. Even if your fireplace is just decorative, a vintage style fireplace and vintage fireplace tiles can bring a whole room together.
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Vintage fireplaces and vintage fireplace tiles

A fireplace is the focal point of any room and, traditionally, the heart of the home. Historically, the fireplace was an important part of the house; it was in almost constant use, heating water for bathing, washing clothes and cooking, and heating the entire home. Today, a fireplace is a luxury rather than a necessity; but they still make a charming feature in any room. While not every home has a fireplace today, period properties in particular are often spoiled with a fireplace in the living room and bedrooms. Even newer fireplaces can be given a vintage makeover, with antique and retro surrounds and vintage style fireplace tiles to create an authentic look. And if your fireplace isn’t in use, you can still make a decorative feature of it with a vintage style surround that perfectly complements the rest of the room.

Vintage fireplace materials

Vintage fireplaces come in a range of styles from strikingly simple to ornate and elaborate. They are also crafted from a variety of materials, with some particularly popular during certain eras. The Victorians favoured cast iron fireplaces and surrounds, often with intricate floral etchings, while Georgian designs are often more understated and made of cool marble. You’ll find these and more in our collection, which brings together traditional, neoclassical, modernist, gothic, postmodern, retro and antique styles from around the world.

Styling a vintage fireplace

There are so many ways to style a vintage fireplace, the possibilities are endless. The mantlepiece lends itself perfectly to accessories that can help bring a room together and complete a look. If your fireplace is elegant and understated, you might want to keep things simple with a couple of candle holders at each end and a mirror hanging above. More ornate, traditional fireplaces, such as Victorian designs, can be enhanced with garlands and fresh flowers that reflect the intricate floral patterns which feature in so many. Fenders, pokers and fireplace tools from the period are also a wonderful addition, as is a basket of logs. If your fire isn’t in use, a floral vase display in the hearth makes a lovely alternative. You can also style your fireplace to suit the season or holiday. Festive pine garlands with candy canes, holly and twinkling lights are perfect for the Christmas season, while fresh flowers and pastel accessories are ideal in the spring. During autumn, why not spice things up with leaves and foliage in shades of orange, gold and brown, and a pumpkin or two.