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Vintage Clocks

Looking for a vintage clock in a specific style? Or maybe you have a fascination with old fashioned clocks and dreams of starting a collection? Whatever your ideas, there’s a vintage clock for everyone in our collection. We bring together vintage clocks from some of the best antique shops and boutiques across the UK. Invest in gorgeous pieces and support local businesses.
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Old fashioned clocks

There’s something charming about an old fashioned clock. Most pieces add a cosy and homely feel to any room in the home, whether that’s a dining room, bedroom, kitchen, home office or hallway. We offer a vast selection of vintage clocks to add a story to any home. Think pieces with faded dials, grand detailing, and open hands. Many clocks have a story behind their design, making investing in one all the more special. The first mechanical clocks were created in the latter half of the 13th century. Since then, inventors have developed more than 44 ways to craft antique and vintage timepieces. Understanding and learning about some of the major factories and people involved in vintage clocks’ creation can help collectors and homeowners looking for unique pieces. Whether you’re searching for a pendulum clock, an ornate porcelain timekeeper, or a more modern and contemporary piece. Hang your new clock on the wall of your kitchen, display it on the mantelpiece of your living room, or pop in on your bedside table. Or choose a longcase, grandfather or grandmother clock and make a grand entrance. The styling possibilities of vintage clocks are almost endless. We have everything from grand, glamorous 18th-century grandfather clocks to funky 20th-century Swedish wall clocks.

Styling vintage wall clocks

Looking for a vintage wall clock that’s both functional and decorative for the kitchen? Or maybe you’re after a dramatic, oversized wall clock to sit over a regal fireplace paired with high ceilings? Whatever you’re looking for, there are all types of wall clocks in our collection at Vinterior. When hanging your vintage clock of choice, remember to think about how you’ll fix it. Do you have a stud available for heavier pieces? Will you be using drywall anchors? Or are you hoping to use a temporary wall hook? Ask these questions to determine both the style and weight restrictions you may have when choosing a wall clock. Remember that the larger, heavier clocks will need a safe and sturdy place to hang, so you must have a stud available.