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Vintage Garden Furniture

Vintage is back in. Outside. Vintage garden furniture has style and function to add to your outdoor space. Ranging from a variety of time periods, the garden furniture at Vinterior has been carefully chosen. Work outside at a wrought iron table or relax in a sculptural chair.

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Vintage garden furniture comes pre-loved

Why stop your love of all things vintage at the door? Vintage garden furniture, no matter the time period you prefer, can help to bring a touch of unique style to your garden. Place your garden furniture wherever you like, whether to help highlight a specific part of your landscaping or to provide additional seating.

Garden furniture has a long history. Going all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, benches and chairs were often used for relaxation. The style continued throughout history, showing up across the world from Europe to Asia. From turf benches to the much-loved picnic table, vintage garden furniture comes in many shapes.

The park bench came about with the advent of public gardens and parks. And outdoor seating became more desirable, both for private and public use. Pieces like patio furniture (think rattan and teak) shot up in popularity after World War II, when garden furniture was becoming more affordable and accessible.

Though materials changed, from stone and marble to affordable materials like plastic, vintage garden furniture has stayed timeless. With our rotating collection of garden furniture, you can find pieces that range from bamboo to vintage cast iron garden furniture all in one place.

Vintage cast iron garden furniture for every home

Add the traditional table and chairs to your garden and host fun dinners with family and friends in pure vintage style. But why stop there?

Full bench seating can serve as great communal area in your garden. Place a garden bench alongside a garden sculpture that stands as the centerpiece.

Looking for something that’s just a little extra? You can easily find pieces like garden rocking chairs or garden mirrors in our collection. Vintage garden furniture and decor can bring your style outdoors.

When you find the dream piece of vintage garden furniture, you know what comes next. Make it all your own. Whether you’ve found the brooding Gothic bench you’ve always wanted or you finally found the perfect table set up, put your stamp on it.

Mix and match vintage garden furniture pieces. Or go all in with one style that pulls you in. Consider the material. Metals might work better for a modern look whereas wood furniture can bring warmth into your garden.


Where can I shop for vintage garden furniture?

Take the time to find your perfect vintage garden furniture in Vinterior’s curated collection. You can easily search vintage garden furniture which has been sourced from local shops in a matter of moments.

By shopping with Vinterior, you’re supporting a huge community of over 1,800 small local businesses too.