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Whether it's an antique chest of drawers or a vintage teak Danish sideboard, finding the right furniture to store items in is an increasing priority for most households. Fortunately, whilst designers are often best known for their iconic sofas and chairs, a large number also spend time creating updated versions of credenzas, sideboards, chest of drawers and cabinets for us to use in our homes. This has led to a huge variety of Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco styles being available, and it gives you the chance to really express your style through the storage pieces you choose for your home!

What are the different types of storage?

Storage comes in such a wide range of shapes and sizes that it is beneficial to know a little more about the different types before you buy. Sideboards, wardrobes and cabinets are only some of the storage options available to you, so take a look at our guide to some of the most popular storage choices before you make your decision.

Armoires and Wardrobes

A staple of every bedroom, wardrobes are used to hang clothes to maximise the use of the space available within a room. With Armoires and Chiffoniers both coming under the wardrobe umbrella, you have a lot of choice when it comes to your preferred style, and sizes will also vary from piece to piece. Many wardrobes made in the early 20th century are now great examples of vintage storage furniture items, so the decision is purely down to personal preference when looking to purchase a wardrobe.

Bookcases and Shelves

Utilitarian by their very nature, bookcases and shelves were initially designed to serve very specific purposes. The former as a place to store books, and the latter as a place to store any other small items. However, as consumer preferences changed and designers began to push the limits of what was possible, bookcases and shelves became another furniture item in the home through which people could express themselves. From the Art Deco designs of the 1920’s through to the Mid Century Modern pieces of the 1950’s, there is no end to the creativity on show in the design of bookcases and shelves.


Cabinets, much like their close relative the cupboard, are very versatile furniture items and they can serve a purpose in most rooms in the home. Perfect for storing anything from clothes through to crockery, some cabinets can also be used as a way to present items with many people using them to display collections of fine China. If you are looking for a piece of contemporary storage furniture for your home, then a cabinet could be the way to go.

Chest Of Drawers

More often than not a good chest of drawers forms a crucial part of any bedroom. Their unique ability to separate clothes and other items from one another makes them an invaluable time saver and a great way to help organise your home. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a beautiful vintage chest of drawers, or a more modern version of this classic piece of furniture, if you are looking to organise then this is a fantastic place to start!


Cupboards are the ultimate utility tool in the world of storage. With many having adjustable shelving and the option to experiment with the way you utilise the space within them, cupboards can prove an invaluable piece of the puzzle in the battle against household clutter. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the right one for your needs is out there so all you have to do is look!


After beginning life in the kitchen, sideboards have now branched out from their culinary compartments and they are appearing in various places throughout the home. As a practical storage solution for a whole host of issues, every home needs a sideboard. Here at Vinterior we have a wide range of sideboards for you to choose from, so it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in retro sideboards, teak sideboards or even if you are looking for a Danish sideboard for sale, you will be able to find them all here!


Bedroom, living room, hallway or even in your home office, trunks are a simple yet incredibly stylish way to store items. With some wonderful examples from the 1960’s and 1970’s available, many people are now looking towards trunks as a unique storage solution in their homes. Trunks are often small enough to fit into spaces more traditional storage furniture pieces may not, and this is just one of the reasons as to why they are becoming increasingly popular.

What type is right for my needs?

With so many different storage options it is important that you take the time to select the right one for your needs. To help you with this process why not use the filters on the page to narrow down your search?