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Antique storage is a fun area to foray into as there are so many different styles to choose from! Have a peak at what Vinterior has to offer within antique storage, ranging from Victorian to French to Folk and you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece that will sit right at home in your interiors.

Find industrial style antique storage

Industrial storage in antique styles are prime for functionality. A favourite amongst many is the apothecary cabinet. The vast amount of storage components in these pieces of furniture make them excellent for organisation.

Antique marriage chests

These pieces are a marvellous piece of storage but also amazing works of art. Marriage chests are common occurrences in folk antiques and are often handpainted by the families of brides and taken with them into their new family homes. These marriage chests would then be painted over and handed down generationally though the family. Opting for a marriage chest not only brings a beautiful piece of history into your home but continues a generational story within your family too. And not to mention, it also makes for excellent storage!

Antique chest of drawers and wardrobes

Both of these furniture items are bedroom staples and have been part of home furnishings for centuries. Optin for antique chests of drawers of wardrobes ensures you quality build made of durable wood and considered craftsmanship.

Antique storage trunks

Storage trunks have seen a resurgence in popularity as they double up as trendy coffee tables too. A great way to multipurpose storage, antique storage trunks a great space-saving option.

Antique sideboards

The perfect piece of storage to hold anything and everything, sideboards are key feature of many interiors, so choosing a sideboard can be a lifelong investment. Antique sideboards will offer you peace of mind as you’ll be investing in time tested quality furniture.

Buying antique storage pieces on Vinterior

Shop for antique storage with Vinterior and find whatever type of antique storage that you’re looking for. You’ll be able to find an eclectic collection of antique storage items sourced from all across the globe by our highly discerning antique dealers, who have a passion and love for vintage and antique pieces. Join us on our journey to share vintage and antiques with the world, and put remarkable pieces of furniture into remarkable homes.