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Chests Of Drawers

Vintage Chest of Drawers

The trusty old chest of drawers has been an absolute bedroom staple for centuries. A vintage chest of drawers brings you all of that much needed extra storage, in style. Some of the best and most timeless chests of drawers designs were from the 20th Century, an era boasting a truly eclectic mix of styles, material uses and colour schemes. From retro funk to mid-century functionality, no matter what your vibe is, we’ve got a vintage style chest of draws to suit your space.

The chest of drawers doesn’t have to be just about the bedroom either. Perfect for adding extra storage to a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, or even a hallway or alcove, a vintage chest of drawers is versatile enough to look great in any setting. Our team of vintage experts have hand-selected our collection of vintage chests of drawers from across the ages, bringing you the absolute best materials and vintage designs. You can rest assured that the quality of each of these pieces is second to none. So whether you’re looking for rich, deep woods, or a lighter, more modern fit—our range has got you covered, with pieces sure to last you a lifetime.

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Stylish vintage chests of drawers

Vintage chests of drawers take you back in time. Each vintage piece comes with its own fascinating history and a sense of the style from days gone by. The chest of drawers has a long history dating back to the mid-17th Century, but some of the best pieces are contemporary chest of drawers from the timeless mid-20th Century styles.

Whether you’re styling out a home full of funky retro furniture, or prefer the opulence and glamour of art deco furniture, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of pieces in our eclectic, hand-selected collection. Perhaps understated Scandinavian modern is more your thing? No worries, you can browse by style, era, colour, material and more by using the handy filters in the sidebar to narrow down your search.

Choose from a myriad of vintage style chests of drawers and find the perfect piece for your home. Plus, enjoy the feeling that goes with saving precious pieces from landfill and supporting small local businesses while you’re at it.

Styling your old chest of drawers

For a long time vintage chests of drawers were banished to the bedroom—but that doesn’t need to be the case! Got extra space in your hallway? An alcove in your dining room? Or need more storage in the kitchen? Choose one of our vintage chests of drawers and find something for every room.

Vintage chests of drawers also work exceptionally well in the dining room. They can add extra storage and a handy place to display your favourite vintage glassware or bakeware.

When it comes to the kitchen, a tall vintage chest of drawers fits right in. Move over sideboards! Hide away all that kitchen clutter and enjoy materials that were built to last while you’re at it.

Have a spare alcove in the sitting room and not sure how to fill it? A vintage chest of draws that matches the wooden legs on your sofa, coffee table or accentuates your colour scheme can do wonders for making your style pop and adding some handy extra storage.

Created yourself a gorgeous home office? Live your best work from home life with a vintage chest of drawers to hide away unsightly stationery, filing and other bits and bobs. Top your chest with a stylish table lamp for those long nights or darker days.

Last but not least, the bedroom. Our vintage oak chest of drawers are also the perfect place to store all your clothes and other necessities in your bedroom. Match the materials and styles in your dressing table, wardrobe and bed for a cohesive look.

How do you date a chest of drawers?

Open up the drawers and look at the joins. Older chest of drawers will have beautiful dovetail joints that jigsaw together. Look for imperfections - these are good. Handcrafted pieces with age will have knicks and scrapes. And take a look at the back of the drawers as well as underneath the piece. You may find initials, a paper label or a brass plate that can help you date the chest of drawers.

Where to buy vintage chests of drawers UK?

Wondering where to buy that all important vintage chest of drawers in the UK? We have you covered. Our collection features a variety of styles and options, all sourced from our lovely community of small local businesses and boutiques. Hooked on vintage? Browse our full selection of vintage furniture and find thousands of beautiful pieces.

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