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his is a rare example of an circa 1880 Victorian Games Compendium which is nicely presented in an oak box and is near complete. The compendium consists of various games and also has the original instructions. The box has been made with great attention to detail with handmade brass screws to the outside of the box. The box was sent to our French Polishers to strip clean and wax the box, a tray has also been made for the underneath of the box where the circular counters are kept.Chess / Draughts board / Backgammon board and steeple chase horse racing game which are all on two folding boards, the boards are usable and intact but do show signs of age and slight damage.
A "Guide to the Compendium of Games" instruction set, produced by F. H Ayres , poor condition but still usable and readable.
2nd booklet called "Bridge" by professor Louis Hoffman, 15th edition , dated 1907 - this is not original to the box and has been added at a later date.
2 x cards with markers and rules for scoring on reverse, 1 brass dial at fault with half missing.
Within Bottom Tray:
6 x painted lead horses (some minor paint loss)
1 x lead water jump (crack to mirror)
2 x other painted lead fences
1 x gavel (for the game Bell and Hammer)
1 x boxwood dice shaker
various circular counters of different sizes and colours
various counters in the form of a female head
8 x small dice (1,2,3,4,5,6 and one with hammer and one with bell)
6 x normal dice
2 x red markers
3 x white markers (one has a split)
1 x cribbage board (not original to the set)
Middle tray contents:
8 x Black Chinese cards:
2 x 6 of spades , 2 x 6 of diamonds, 2 x 6 clubs, 2 x 6 of hearts
5 x Blue Floral Cards: (used for the game "Bell and Hammer" and also uses the gavel and six small numbered dice which are all included.)
Bell , white horse, bell in building, bell on heath and gavel
Floral Cards, blue/red: (cards used for Besique and Ecarte)
7 x Ace of clubs (x2)
7 x Ace of hearts (x2)
7 x Ace of diamonds (x2)
7 x Ace of spades (x2)
Grape Cards - normal pack of cards
Missing: 3 of hearts, 8 of hearts, 3 of spades, Ace of clubs, 5 of diamonds and Ace of diamonds. Top Tray: 1x Full set of dominoes
1 x full set of draughts
Opening section: 1 x full set of Staunton style chess set (slight damage to the black castle but still usable)

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