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Vintage Bookcases

They say that you can tell a lot about a person from what's on their bookshelves. Whether it's non-fiction that takes your fancy, poetry, prose or plays—your beautiful books deserve to be shown off and given an equally beautiful home.A vintage bookcase is a perfect way to add some practical shelving storage to your space, but doing it with all of that lovely extra pizzazz and historic character that vintage furniture gives you. Our extensive selection of vintage bookshelves and vintage storage units has everything you could ask for, from decadent bureau bookcases from the 18th Century, all the way to your funky 80s retro throwbacks. Whatever your style, we’ve got the shelves for you. Choose from every hue of hardwoods, from deep delicious mahoganies to au naturel oaks and perfect pale pines.Need a little more storage? Why not go for one of our vintage storage units that combines the perfect place to rest your bestsellers with some extra cubby holes or drawers? Or consider old bookshelves that ooze social history like those that once adorned the walls of a provincial library. Never think about another flatpack again and create a dedicated space for your favourite reads with a vintage-style bookcase that has its own story to tell.

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Why choose a vintage bookcase?

Give your treasured books and cool collector’s items the spotlight with a vintage bookcase that will take centre stage in any room. Bookcases are one of the most functional furniture items you can find and a vintage bookcase combines this perfect practicality with added character. You can store anything in your vintage bookshelf, it doesn’t just have to be books. Picture frames with your favourite photographs, home accessories, your own collectibles and trinkets can all look great against the backdrop of a vintage bookshelf.

Styles of vintage bookcase

Because old bookcases take up a considerable amount of space, they can change the look and feel of a room instantly. So it’s important to match your choice of vintage bookcase or vintage shelving unit with whatever style and feel you’re wanting to create. The good news—bookcases have been around for centuries, so there’s certainly no shortage of styles to choose from! Whether your home is a modern and minimalist apartment or a traditional period property, a vintage bookcase or shelving unit is always a great addition.

In our carefully curated selection, you’ll find vintage bookshelves from the 18th century right the way through to repurposed and upcycled pieces from the noughties. The 1960s were a golden era for living room furniture, with bolshy bookcases being no exception. With clean lines and perfect proportions carved in rich wood, these vintage bookcases create an effortless retro look instantly. If you’re feeling a little bit more indulgent, a vintage bookcase from the 1800s and its devilish decadence is the way to go.

Maximise storage with a vintage shelving unit

If you’re short on space and storage, why not choose a vintage shelving unit that combines bookshelves with a cupboard and drawers? These practical designs give you somewhere to display all those lovely books and accessories with the added bonus of extra storage.

Making the most of your vintage bookshelf

If you’re feeling bolshy, why not try adding some seriously striking accessories to your vintage bookcase to really make it the most fabulous feature of the room. The right accessories can go a long way, and the feel of any bookcase can be enhanced simply with complementary lighting.

Why not create a cute, cosy reading corner with your vintage bookshelf, an armchair and floor lamp? Add your own personal touch and interest to the shelves of your vintage bookcase by popping in some photographs, plants or trinkets.

Why buy a vintage bookshelf or storage unit from Vinterior?

Vinterior is dedicated to sourcing gorgeous vintage furniture from all around the world, across the ages, from trusted sellers. Our vintage bookshelf collection has been carefully curated to include pieces that epitomise the style of their time but offer enough practical storage and functionality for today’s home. In just a few clicks you can find your dream vintage bookcase and begin its next chapter.

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