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Antique Storage Baskets for sale online

Find the perfect antique storage basket for your home on Vinterior! Whether you’re looking for a hamper to store laundry, a storage basket for children’s toys, a helpful storage spot by the sofa for magazines, knitting needles and yarn, or bundling together bread, wine and cheese for a relaxing day basking in the sun, antique storage baskets can be the perfect means of storage in the home, and practical solutions for storage when travelling too.

What types of antique storage baskets are available?

Vinterior is home to many of what we traditionally know as the basket made of wicker available to purchase online. The bamboo and wicker baskets are a favourite to many and can evoke a strong feeling that makes us think of spring and picnics on freshly cut grass.
Whilst we have the conventional wicker and bamboo baskets available for sale, you might want to foray into more unconventional storage baskets for your home. If you’re interested in alternative materials to that of wicker and wood, perhaps you might enjoy repurposing metallic buckets as a storage basket. Whilst we have moved past the near for coal in our homes, there is an abundance of coal scuttles in high decorative finishes available for you to use as antique storage baskets in your home.
Creativity is key when shopping for antiques, so using your imagination to turn a piece of furniture or home decor into the perfect item to suit your needs will come in handy.

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Discover the marvellous world of antiques and vintage on Vinterior. With over one thousand vintage and antique dealers selling on the platform, Vinterior is home to thousands of vintage and antique pieces, each with their own remarkable histories and with years of long-lasting quality and craftsmanship. Browse amongst our amazing catalogue of antiques to find the perfect piece for your home. Shop by location with our helpful filters, or narrow down your search by using the dimension, colour, and price filters to make your search for antique storage baskets a breath of fresh air.