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Vintage Storage

Clean up the clutter and store your trinkets, documents and clothes in one of our stylish vintage storage pieces. Whether you need a large wardrobe with character, a charming sideboard with plenty of drawers or a quaint bookcase with sturdy shelves, we’ve got just what you need.

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Vintage storage options

Storing your clothes, shoes, documents, trinkets, record collection and whatever else you have lying around your home is a priority. Clutter be gone!

After all, nobody wants to be routing through their floor clothes (clothes that are shamefully stored on the floor) as they’re late for work. And nobody wants a dust-ridden collection of Beatles records.

Your much loved items deserve more respect. And what better way to give them what they deserve than to give them a home in a vintage storage piece, like a sideboard or cupboards?

What types of vintage storage furniture are there?

We have the vintage storage for you. Think 20th century wardrobes, 19th century sideboards and 18th century chests of drawers.

We also have vintage boxes, bookcases, coat racks, cupboards, shelves, trolleys and trunks. From almost every era. If you have something that needs to be stored away, we have a piece of beautifully crafted furniture to help.

Looking for some inspiration?

Deck out your living room with a vintage oak sideboard and finish the look off with an oak grandfather clock.

Or create an elegant French shabby chic vibe in your bedroom, with one of our vintage French antique chests of drawers and pair it with a beautiful French antique wardrobe.

Choose a vintage storage cabinet by colour, size or style

Want to find gorgeous vintage storage furniture that suits your colour scheme? We’ve got you covered. Choose from earthy browns, chic blacks, gorgeous greys, neutral beiges, clean whites, and so many more.

Got a specific space in mind for your vintage storage cabinet? Finding the perfectly sized cabinet is vital, so we’ve made it easy to find the perfect fit with our dimension sorter.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same? That’s why we have a variety of styles to choose from too. From art deco to Victorian and from Danish antiques to Chinese antiques. Whatever your style and personality, we have something that can complement both.

Our boutiques and independent sellers have an eye for vintage, and a love for helping you find practical and stylish furniture that’s essential for every home.

Pssst, if you want to mix and match your vintage storage cabinets and cupboards with furniture from other styles, we encourage you to let your creative interior juices flow. Shop our range of vintage furniture. Or if you want to freshen up your space with a few touches, why not check out our vintage home décor collection?