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Whatever room you’re choosing it for, a sofa is usually the feature piece of the decor. Balancing style and comfort, a good sofa can transform the appearance of your interior and inject a shot of colour.

Sofas are such a dominant piece of decor, it’s essential to make the right pick. However, before you head straight down to your local sofa showroom, consider opting for a vintage or antique design instead. Here at Vinterior we have an amazing selection of vintage sofas and sectionals; take a look through our online catalogue to see what’s in stock today.

Why choose a vintage sofa?

If you’re fed-up with the same old styles from high street retailers who are always touting the latest sofa sale, opting for a vintage design could make a refreshing change. When you choose a period piece of furniture you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your decor will be different from any other.

Without the pressure to mass-produce millions of sofas quickly, there’s a quality about vintage designs that can be hard to match. With antique sofas you’ll discover there was no expense spared, with high-quality woods and opulent fabrics used to create furniture that was built to last.

Vintage and antique sofas and sectionals also provide the opportunity to choose styles which aren’t easily found in modern furniture. The Hepplewhite sofa from the Edwardian era is an excellent example of this, a delicate yet robust style that’s never gone out of fashion.

Of course, the other factor to consider is that in this age of environmental awareness, there’s no need to purchase new to enjoy comfort and incredible design. Investing in vintage and antique sofas, as well as other upcycled furniture is an eco-friendly choice that everyone should consider.

What to look for in sofa

Leather sofas always age particularly well and you’ll find a great selection of vintage designs in a variety of styles. The Chesterfield is possibly one of the most iconic sofas of all time, and is often created in leather.

As leather ages, the look may change but that’s all part of the appeal. Fading colours and a slightly worn appearance are arguably even more attractive than a brand new piece of leather.

Of course, you don’t need to stick to leather as there’s many other antique and vintage sofas in fabric. Antiques often feature heavier textured fabrics, often with patterns. Each era had its own particular look: the Edwardians favoured light florals and pastels while by contrast, Victorians designers preferred mahogany and rosewood teamed with velvet.For understated elegance, look for vintage sofas from the 1940s and 1950s. Iconic shapes and styling emerged, with designers such as Fritz Hansen enduring as one of the most famous from the era. Le Corbusier was another notable designer, offering a more architectural styling to his furniture.

Why shop for sofas at Vinterior?

Vintage and antique sofas are made with a quality and attention to detail that’s hard to beat, with many increasing in value over time. Our range of sofas and sectionals offers the very best available at prices that are affordable. Vinterior has a wide selection in one place; we feature both vintage and antique designs. Therefore whether you’re looking for something that’s just a little bit retro or a classic and timeless piece, you’re sure to find something in our catalogue that you love.

We have a vast range of antique and vintage sofas in stock but we’re always bringing in new pieces. You’ll find an online catalogue with details of our current stock but if you’re looking for something specific just get in touch, we’re always happy to help!