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Rocking Chairs

Vintage Rocking Chairs

Still a much-loved piece of furniture, the humble vintage rocking chair takes us back to slow days and offer a nostalgic charm wherever they’re placed. Whether you’re seeking a place to gently rock a newborn back to sleep or a characterful design that will bring your library scheme together, you’ll discover it in the Vinterior collection.

Relax and unwind as you witter away the hours gently rocking back and forth and devouring a favourite book. Or create a whimsical statement that will keep your guests enthralled. Our collection features one-of-a-kind pre-owned rocking chairs, including vintage wood rocking chairs from names such as Ercol. Every piece has been handpicked for its high quality and unique character, so it’s easy to find one that suits you and your home.

Explore the entire range of traditional rocking chairs for sale at Vinterior below. Shop sustainably, support trusted independent sellers, and buy with confidence today.

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Why should I choose a vintage rocking chair?

Vintage rocking chairs date back to the revolutionary war and beyond. They have a significant place in our planet’s history that will never be displaced. Plus, they’re super comfortable. When moving on a vintage rocking chair, it’s easy to feel inspired, calm, and tranquil, allowing your thoughts to drift away. There’s an almost metronomic quality to sitting and rocking in a vintage rocking chair.
Not only that, but vintage wood rocking chairs introduce an old-school charm to any space. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, hallway, or another room in your home. Vintage wood rocking chairs are typically made of materials like teak, oak, and wicker. But they can also be created from injection moulded plastic, fabric, and plastic resin. Classic materials like wicker, oak, and other wood types are best if you’re using your vintage rocking chair indoors. If you want a garden rocking chair, you’ll need one crafted from hard-wearing materials capable of withstanding all types of weather.
Our collection of traditional rocking chairs is varied, and our pieces are fashioned from various materials. From classic vintage wooden rocking chairs to place in a cosy library to stylish leather-upholstered pieces that would look great in a home study next to an office chair. No matter your needs or taste, there’s a vintage rocking chair from our collection that you’ll love.

How to style a vintage wood rocking chair in your home

If you want to invest in several vintage rocking chairs to add to your living space, ensure that you leave a distance of two to three feet between the chairs. You also need ample space in front and behind the chair, so you can freely rock back and forth without hitting anything. If you’d prefer to sit on a rocking chair to stare up at the stars and absorb the sounds of nature, consider that standard patios can typically hold up to four vintage rocking chairs. It’s also essential to look at a chair’s height. Shorter people may prefer a lower seat height to make getting in and out of the chair easier. Taller people would usually opt for higher seats to be more comfortable.
Consider the colour of your vintage rocking chair too. If you’re interested in a classic wooden rocking chair, your choices are limited when it comes to hues and finishes unless it’s painted. For injection moulded plastic rocking chairs, you’ll have plenty of colour options. Add a funky plastic piece to any room, or take it outside. For something more muted, earthy shades and beautiful greys are always good options as they can easily blend with a room’s decor.
Explore our characterful collection of vintage rocking chairs for sale in our marketplace above. Support independent sellers and buy with confidence at Vinterior today.

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