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Looking For a Vintage Bench?

Vintage and antique benches are always a delightful and much appreciated addition to a garden. When nestled in amongst flowerbeds or against a trellis peppered with honeysuckle, they provide the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. Less common, however, is the indoor bench – and yet benches make wonderful seating solutions when carefully positioned inside.
At Vinterior, we feature an array of antique, vintage and bespoke benches, each one carefully selected and guaranteed to meet our high quality standards.

Choosing The Right Kind of Vintage Garden Bench

Vintage benches come in all shapes and sizes. They not only elevate a room aesthetically but also provide extra space for guests and sometimes even hidden storage solutions. One of the great things about benches it that they are typically slim and so can fit snugly against a wall or into spaces where a plump armchair might not, for example. This makes them versatile items of furniture, ideal for placing in areas of the house where other pieces may not fit.

Incorporating an Antique Bench Into Your Home

On that note, a great place for an indoor bench is the hallway. For centuries, chests and trunks have been placed in the porch at the entrance of the home, acting as storage for coats and cloaks with the added benefit of making excellent seats when closed. The hall ‘settle’ was an eighteenth and nineteenth century extension of this, often featuring ornately carved arms and back panels with a flat panelled seat that doubled as a lift-up lid revealing an interior compartment.
These antique pieces are highly desirable, and it’s easy to see why. They offer ample space inside for everything from winter boots to sports kits; they’re hardworking pieces with a commanding aesthetic. Other excellent hallway benches include repurposed pews – with their classic utilitarian craftsmanship and sleek, elegant lines, they form a fantastic place for little ones to sit and put their wellies on. Some even come replete with hooks overhead, turning them into a great hallway all-rounder that incorporates a coat stand, hat rack and supportive seat in one.

Choosing a period church pew

From box pews to open benches, church pews come in a range of different styles so if you have a favourite period you’ll be able to find one to suit your decor. From the antique carved ends of the Victorian era to the simple designs of vintage mid-century pews, you can find pre-loved church seating to complement every home.

Hall Bench Seating

Elsewhere, benches make fantastic additions to other rooms of the house. Long, low German picnic styles are absolutely ideal for placing either side of a stripped wooden table in a spacious, industrial-themed kitchen. Team them up with pendant lights and concrete accessories for a warehouse aesthetic that’s bound to wow guests. Meanwhile, in spaces informed by more antique sensibilities, look no further than a petite Victorian chaise – these are perfect for popping in the corner of a luxuriously decorated spare bedroom and creating a decadent look, especially when topped with some velvet scatter cushions and maybe a silk throw.

Ercol, G Plan Bench & Table Sets

We also stock classic and desirable vintage furniture brands such as Ercol and G-Plan, so if you are in the market for a vintage bench from an iconic name, look no further. For pure mid-century retro, search for telephone seats – 1960s cushioned benches with a built-in table, originally designed to place the landline phone on top of. Nowadays, they still make great additions to interiors low on space, ideal for providing additional seating as well as an extra surface for a reading lamp or stack of magazines.

Find vintage workbenches with Vinterior

Whether you want to use a vintage workbench for sawing and planing wood, as a kitchen island or as a sideboard, you have come to the right place. Here at Vinterior we have an amazing selection of beautiful vintage workbenches that are suitable for a wide range of purposes in your home. From lovingly restored and upcycled pieces that can be used as everyday furniture items to original pieces which will be just as at home in your garage or workshop today as the day it was made, we have an extensive collection, courtesy of our network of reputable sellers.

Deciding How To Style Your Antique Bench

When you shop on Vinterior, every piece you see is curated by experts in antique furniture, and beautifully photographed, too. This means when it comes to styling your vintage or antique bench, you’ll probably have some ideas already on aesthetic choices you can make to emphasise its unique attributes. Start browsing today to find beautiful vintage benches along with clever ideas of how to style them in a home setting.