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The wooden storage chest is a charming and utterly timeless piece of furniture that is eternally popular for both modern and traditional home owners. A versatile storage solution that goes well with all kinds of decor, a storage chest can be used for keeping blankets and other soft furnishings, boots and walking gear, crafts material, or even as a fancy dress box for little ones. If you want something a little more special than a standard, featureless modern storage chest, have a browse of the extensive collection of antique and vintage pieces in our online marketplace.

Which type of wooden storage chest to choose?

The chest design has been used for storage for centuries, so which style is best for your home and your own personal taste? Before you start looking at potential wooden chests to add to your space, have a think about your practical requirements as much as your aesthetic ones. What are the dimensions of the space in which you will be placing the chest? And, more importantly, what will you be using it for? Will it be acting as two-in-one bench and storage solution? Or will it take pride of place in a bedroom as a box to keep your shoes stored tidily? If you merely want it as a decorative item, choose a piece rich in detail and spatially compact to minimise wasting space.

You can find a wide selection of wooden storage chests, from antique pine trunks to Victorian travellers chests made from solid oak, crisp Art Deco chest of drawers in mahogany and chic mid-century modern pieces in high quality Danish teak.

If you’re looking for something with a real story behind it, choose an antique storage trunk in solid pine, with exquisite iron details for durability and character. Such is the quality of the craftsmanship with many antique wooden storage chests that, with a little care attention, you can enjoy years of enjoyment and use from a piece of furniture that is as functional as the day it was built.

Alternatively, discover a gorgeous Art Deco piece. Look for lacquered wood, a focus on geometric shapes such as zig zags, chevrons and sunbursts and a heavy use of industrial materials.

Mid-century modern storage chests carry all the gravitas and character of a traditional storage chest with the added edge of elegance and minimalism one would associate with anything created in that era. Clean lines, crisp shapes, and uncomplicated use of materials with a focus on functionality define pieces from the mid century period.

Wooden storage chests are just the beginning

Once you’ve started your journey to finding beautiful vintage pieces for your home, you’ll find it hard to stop. The process of discovery and unearthing one-off treasures from the past is an enjoyable experience in itself.

Adding instant character and charm to your interior space has never been so straightforward: simply search for the period, style or material you’re interested in, and have a scroll through a vast collection of beautiful antique, vintage, retro, upcycled, reclaimed and reproduction furniture from some of the UK’s finest dealers.

Our online shop is the perfect place to get lost in beautiful products with colourful stories, and find the ideal piece to complete your interior theme.