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Interior design trends are constantly changing, but there are certain materials that will never go out of style. Whether the vogue is for sleek modern aesthetics, grand industrial kitchens, or mid-century living rooms, high quality wooden furniture will always have a place in our homes. But finding a range of attractive, durable wooden furniture in a single place can seem impossible. Thankfully, at Vinterior we have a huge collection of gorgeous, expertly crafted wooden furniture in a range of sizes and styles, from dining tables to bookshelves. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find that perfect piece for your home on our website. Browse through our collection of fine wooden furniture today, and prepare to be inspired.

Why choose wooden furniture?

While certain materials are best suited to a particular aesthetic, wood is not limited to any one style. Marble will always be elegant, concrete will always be industrial, but wood can convey a wide range of different looks in any room of the house. In a farmhouse style kitchen, a reclaimed wooden table can be the warm statement piece at its centre. In a sleek, neutral sitting room, a pale wood sideboard can bring a necessary touch of character, while also providing the storage necessary to any minimalist design.

This character and warmth is the secret to wood's enduring appeal. Every piece of wooden furniture is unique, due to the different grooves and grains of the wood used, and the different effects provided by different kinds of wood. Mahogany is a rich material for grander pieces, while light pines can make slightly more rustic furniture.

Wood can also be one of the most environmentally friendly materials with which to furnish your home. Reclaimed wood is an increasingly popular material for the creation of everything from benches to bedside tables; repurposing wood from old buildings, furniture and ships that would otherwise have gone to waste, in a highly creative way. This also further adds to the character of a piece, making them part of a larger history. By buying a reclaimed wooden item, you are buying a conversation piece; something that was once the floorboard of a factory, or the beam of a medieval church. Few other materials can claim such uniqueness.

Wooden furniture: why shop with Vinterior?

Vinterior is the leading online marketplace for heritage and artisan wooden furniture in the UK. We sell everything from wardrobes to footstools, and everything you buy from us is guaranteed to be unique and of the highest quality. We do not limit ourselves to any one era of furniture design, or a single design aesthetic. Whether you prefer Edwardian grandeur for your living room, or sleek contemporary designs for your kitchen, there will be something within our extensive range to suit you.

Despite the enormous number of items we have in our collection, we are extremely selective about the furniture we sell. We only accept furniture of the finest quality from trusted brands, manufacturers and traders, to ensure our customers are one hundred percent satisfied with their purchases. We want to give you something special, which is why every piece in our website has its own story and individual beauty, whether it is one year old or one century old.

Browse through the Vinterior collection of wooden furniture today and see everything we have to offer for yourself. You won't be disappointed.