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Of all the brands in the furniture industry, Walter Knoll has one of the longest and most illustrious histories. First set up during the 1800s, Walter Knoll was established by Wilhelm Knoll. Originally, the brand’s focus was on high quality leather chairs, however over the many decades which followed the brand’s style changed and developed, embracing more designs and types of furniture. Discover gorgeous vintage Walter Knoll sofas at Vinterior, and bring comfort and sophistication into your home.

The evolution of Walter Knoll

The 1920s saw a move towards more unusual designs and structures, eschewing traditional shapes and materials for more contemporary tubular steel, wood and aluminium bases and legs which brought a stylish look that was perfect for that era. Upright backs were also rejected in favour of more comfortable, relaxed positions, and the Walter Knoll brand became associated with both elegance and comfort.

After the Second World War, Walter Knoll became even more of a trend setter, establishing the bucket chair firmly in the conscious of the world as an iconic piece of furniture, and their range expanded to include office furniture and sofas – many of which are still iconic and desirable in the homes of today.

Features of Walter Knoll sofas

If you have ever sat on a Walter Knoll sofa, you’ll know that it boasts comfort and style in spades. Effortlessly elegant while surprisingly forward thinking, vintage Walter Knoll sofas have well padded seats, beautiful upholstery and timeless lines that still look amazing today.

Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail are hallmarks of the brand, with leather upholstery very much in evidence reflecting the earliest origins of the manufacturer. The stitching is exquisite and remains a classic feature of the brand.

When it comes to shape, simplicity is key, with long and low designs being especially prominent. The leather comes in a range of colours, from classic browns to striking blues but the overall effect is one of quality and elegance.

Choosing vintage Walter Knoll sofas

Whether you yearn to copy classic retro style, express a sense of the eclectic or just want a comfortable and well-made long lasting sofa for your home, vintage Walter Knoll sofas are a perfect choice.

An authentic vintage Walter Knoll sofa in your home brings authentic character, heritage and history into your front room. You’ll have a clear focal point in your space and a talking point that will impress your visitors.

Of course, you’ll also reap all the benefits of a durable, beautifully crafted and timeless piece of furniture which will stand the test of time.

We sell new, too

While we love vintage and antique furniture, it is impossible to ignore the fact that successful 20th century brands like Walter Knoll are still producing high quality sofas and other furniture pieces today. And what these products lack in heritage they more than make up for in build quality and style – as you would expect from such a well-respected brand. That’s why we also feature a collection of more contemporary Walter Knoll pieces here at Vinterior.

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