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The Walter Knoll brand has one of the longest histories in the furniture industry, with a century and a half of heritage behind it. Wilhelm Knoll established the brand in the 19th century and founded a dynasty which is still in existence today. Although the original focus of Walter Knoll furniture was on leather chairs, the range grew and developed over the decades that followed to embrace a wide range of designs. The 1912 Nestra chair paved the way for modern pieces thanks to its wooden frame and its half-backed back rest which extended over the armrests. Subsequently, the 1920s saw a move towards lower lying upholstered chairs that featured the popular steel tubing, aluminium or wooden bases of the time. Upright seats slowly morphed into more casual, relaxed positions, and Walter Knoll chairs became famous for their comfort and modern elegance. During the 1950s, their bucket chair set a trend and by the time the 1970s came round, the FK chair was the ultimate choice for executives of the day. Walter Knoll furniture is still thriving today and the brand name remains a byword for high quality German engineered furniture. Discover gorgeous vintage Walter Knoll chairs at Vinterior, and bring timeless style into your home.

The hallmarks of Walter Knoll chairs

Anyone who has seen a piece of Walter Knoll furniture will be left in no doubt about its timeless sophistication and high quality craftsmanship. Whether a modern piece from the brand’s contemporary range or a classic vintage piece, the hallmarks of the brand – exquisite craftsmanship, forward thinking design and attention to detail are very much in evidence.

The Walter Knoll brand was founded in leather upholstery, and leather stitching of the highest quality is one of the classic features of the brand. Aluminium and tubular steel legs and bases are also a signature feature of Walter Knoll chairs, together with high quality upholstery, comfortable sprung seats and retro futuristic designs that remain popular today.

Are vintage Walter Knoll chairs for me?

Whether you long to emulate retro style and express your own eclectic personality through beautiful vintage furniture, or whether you simply need a well-made, comfortable chair that’s built to last, Walter Knoll chairs are ideal for you.

While the Walter Knoll brand is still thriving today and boasts contemporary ranges that are equally beautiful and equally high quality, the joy that a vintage piece can bring is impossible to emulate.

Having an authentic, vintage Walter Knoll chair in your home will bring its own character, ensuring that your furniture and interior design becomes a talking point with anyone who enters your home. A Walter Knoll chair can also be an important focal point in minimalist spaces, where every item of furniture needs to hold its own.

Of course, it also goes without saying that you’ll be benefiting from an exquisitely crafted and durable chair that looks as beautiful now as it did many years ago.

Find Walter Knoll chairs at Vinterior

Whether you’re searching for a comfortable chair for your fireside; to fit in a corner of your bedroom; for your home office or for any other space in your home; you’ll find the perfect Walter Knoll chair for you at Vinterior.

With inspiring vintage pieces that have stood the test of time, Vinterior will help you to create your ideal home. Browse Vinterior today and discover classic vintage style at its best.