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Walnut console tables are incredibly versatile and can be a fantastic addition to any room of your home. Due to their theatrical design and intricate detailing, console tables work equally well in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways or living rooms. Discover the incredible collection of walnut console tables we have here at Vinterior and find inspiration for your next interior project.

Choosing walnut console tables?

Walnut console tables have different features depending on their maker, the period during which they were built or the era from which the piece has taken its inspiration. Few pieces of furniture have such an interesting and rich history as the console table. The origins of this piece of furniture go back centuries, with early examples coming from France and Italy. During the 17th century, large console tables were a key element in any aristocratic palace, and through the course of the 1800s, their popularity continued to rise.

As practical as they are decorative, many console tables feature built-in storage such as a shelf or drawer, while some appear to be freestanding. Early console tables took their name from brackets that attached them to the wall. With their S-shape, these brackets were called consoles, and these were the primary form of support for the table, supported by two legs that kept the semi-circular table top in place.

Originally, console tables were designed to be solely decorative items, however over the years, they became more functional. During later eras, console tables were self-supporting, with 4 legs rather than two.

Most console tables have a narrow footprint to allow them to efficiently fit into narrow rooms like hallways. The half-moon walnut console table is ideal for this, and creates a stylish impression to guests entering the property.

Console tables built in the 17th and 18th centuries were often grouped in pairs or quads, and many had matching mirrors and stools. These can often be bought today, and are highly popular with homeowners with a passion for sophisticated furniture.

Why buy an antique or vintage walnut console table?

While console tables can still be found in modern furniture stores, a vintage or antique piece is a much better choice for any homeowner who demands quality and elegance from their furniture.

Not only will you be choosing a table that has beautiful craftsmanship, but you’ll also have the benefit of a table that has been proven to withstand the rigours of years of use.

You can also be sure that you’re investing in a table that boasts a wealth of heritage and history. Full of personality and character, a vintage or antique walnut console table is a world away from any mass-produced modern piece and represents the perfect way to put your own stamp on your home, adding flair and personality to any room.

Find walnut console tables at Vinterior

Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration from the past that will deliver flair and unique style to your living space. Or perhaps you are keen to recapture the glamour and magnificence of a bygone era. Whichever is the case, a vintage or antique walnut console table from Vinterior is an ideal choice for you.

Explore our stunning range and find the perfect walnut console table for your hallway, dining room or living room.

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