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There are few things that make a home look messy quicker than a stack of coats draped over bannisters or cast to one corner of a porch or hallway. If it isn’t bad enough to let coats lie in the entranceway to a home, things get even worse when they make it onto the kitchen table or even laid across the arm of the sofa. If you want to get your house in order and you don’t you’re your new coat rack to be functional at the expense of fashion, you will be glad to hear that we have a wide choice of coat racks to choose from here at Vinterior, including wall mounted coat racks. When you opt for wall mounted coat racks, you can benefit from practicality, style, and convenience. For a great choice of stunning wall mounted coat racks, browse our range now.

Why choose wall-mounted coat racks?

The key feature of a wall mounted coat rack is, of course, that it can be wall-mounted. This provides you with a wide range of benefits compared to a floor-standing rack. It is important to bear in mind that there are many different styles and designs available so you can find a wall-mounted coat rack that is ideally suited to your needs. This includes an impressive range of vintage wall-mounted coat racks, which bring elegance and style to your home décor in addition to being extremely practical.

When you are choosing your rack, you should take into consideration your existing décor as well as your personal taste and budget. This will make it far easier for you to determine which of the options is going to be ideal for your home.

Incorporating wall-mounted coat racks in your home

From a simple three armed vintage aluminium rack that is simply screwed into the wall of your porch to an ornate solid bronze coat rack with accompanying wooden shelf, there are many options for you to choose from. Given that your coat rack will most likely appear in your porch or hallway it is worth considering how important it is to both catch the eye of your guests when they first arrive and also complement your existing décor.

Love the industrial look? Then why not opt for something raw and unrefined like a reclaimed coat hook from a factory changing room or perhaps a bespoke piece made using driftwood and L-shaped copper piping to provide the hooks.

Want something elegant and reminiscent of Victorian grandeur? Consider pieces then that utilise rich woods like mahogany and walnut – there are plenty of antique options available with a rich history behind them.

The benefit of heritage pieces

Another key benefit you can look forward to is the unadulterated style and elegance of these racks. When you choose a vintage wall mounted coat rack, you not only get something that is practical but also aesthetically pleasing. You will love the classic and timeless elegance of these racks, which will create something of a focal point.

Of course, practicality is another of the benefits of these coat racks. We all wear coats and jackets but finding a good home for them when we take them off can be difficult. You don’t want to leave them lying around looking messy and trying to fit them in your wardrobe can be a challenge. However, with an attractive wall mounted coat rack, you will always have a place to hang your coats when you get home.

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If you want to add a touch of elegance to your décor, you will find plenty of excellent options on our site. Browse the collection today and find your inspiration.