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Shelving units are extremely popular vintage items thanks to their unique style yet excellent functionality. Everyone needs more storage in their home, and what better way to display items while keeping them organised than with vintage wire shelving units? Bringing a surprisingly modern look into your home, our collection of vintage wire shelving units are perfect for adding a little industrial appeal to any space. Whether used in a living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom, they are the perfect way to supply a little extra character and personality to your rooms. Browse our marketplace and find vintage wire shelving units for your home. These units are a great alternative to the common wooden unit. They offer outstanding versatility as well as a beautiful appearance. You may not have seen one before, so why not take a look?

Choosing vintage wire shelving units

Vintage wire shelving units have a lot of great functional and aesthetic features. These shelving units may be made from various types of metal. In a lot of cases, the wiring is made from steel. Some shelving units have a long storage space while others have a pigeon hole design offering more smaller compartments. Both have their advantages and work well for displaying items in your home in a unique and visually stunning way.

It’s rare that these industrial-type items are painted. A lot of the time they will be left to display the original aesthetics of the metal used, which can help to preserve the unit’s character Some vintage wire shelving units only feature wire sides, with wooden shelves. These also have an unusual appeal which work equally well in any room of the home.

The benefits of choosing vintage wire shelving units

Vintage wire shelving units are unbelievably versatile. They can be used to store stationary in an office, clothing in your bedroom, books in a study or library, or even foods in the kitchen – with a plant or two thrown in. You get many options with these vintage items.

As they are made of wire there’s another functional benefit that may not spring to mind. They have more than the obvious storage space. You can also hang things from them – such as tomorrow’s outfit in a bedroom or cooking utensils in a kitchen. This makes wire-shelving units highly versatile and useful in a broad range of settings – an enormous bonus in today’s storage-poor modern homes.

These industrial pieces of furniture are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the recent trend for factory-style décor. Vintage wire shelving is undoubtedly going to be a talking point among your visitors and its unique signs of age will give away its history. There’s no easier way to put your own stamp on your home.

If you choose to buy a vintage item, you also make an environmental contribution. You choose older materials rather than add to the demand for new shelving units. This is especially true when you consider that most other shelving units include a lot of wood.

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If the thought of a vintage wire shelving unit has stirred your imagination, start browsing our current listings and see what vintage shelving units we currently have for sale. The Vinterior marketplace is designed to be a great source of design inspiration and we hope that our passion for all things authentic will help you to create the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of.