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If you are searching for an eye-catching addition to your home’s hallway or porch, perhaps you might want to consider investing in a vintage umbrella stand. Once a common sight in homes everywhere, umbrella stands may not be seen in modern stores so often, but they are still popular among those with a love of heritage. Designed to hold umbrellas conveniently close to the door, umbrella stands were especially popular during the Victorian era, when no respectable gentleman would be seen without an umbrella and parasols were popular amongst ladies. Yet there are also many vintage examples from the 20th century that can look equally stunning as a feature in your porch or hallway. To see the different vintage umbrella stands currently being sold, browse through our listings and take a look for yourself.

Choosing vintage umbrella stands

With vintage umbrella stands, there can be a world of difference between their style, material or features. Nevertheless, there are some things they have in common. Obviously, they all have a space to secure your umbrella. Some of them will have a ring to hold the umbrella in place near its handle while others may have a full-length funnel in which to store the umbrella. In some cases, each umbrella will have its own ring or funnel.

The materials used are also varied and so you will find many examples of stands on our website that work in hallways, porches or under-stairs cupboards that require a specific aesthetic. They may be made from different types of wood, chrome, brass, copper, or other materials. They may be ornate and detailed or minimalist and simple. Some are highly unusual. Examples of innovative vintage umbrella stands include those in the shape of umbrellas, big vases, barrels or figures of animals.

Why buy a vintage umbrella stand?

If you have ever come indoors on a rainy day and left a trail of water in your hallway, or had to leave your umbrella outside in the wind, you’ll already be aware of the benefits of investing in an umbrella stand. Vintage umbrella stands can not only be a convenient addition to your entrance to keep your umbrella free from damage and avoid getting water everywhere but also an attractive interior design statement.

When you add a vintage umbrella stand to your hallway, it will be one of the first things your guests see when they visit your home, and undoubtedly it will be a fascinating talking point. In particular, this is the case if you opt for one of the more unusual vintage stands out there which are already highly unusual. With their added heritage and history, they become even more of a fascinating focal point.

As umbrella stands are rarely seen today, you can be sure that a vintage one in your home will attract attention for all the right reasons while also adding authentic character and personal style to your hallway.

Shop for vintage umbrella stands with Vinterior

Vintage umbrella stands are usually sold by specialist vintage dealers and boutiques. We’ve taken the research and leg work away from finding your perfect vintage umbrella stand and instead brought them to you. You can find beautiful inspiration for your home interior décor in our impressive range of items. Here at Vinterior, we are passionate about bringing you the best antique and vintage furnishings and decorative pieces for your home, so start browsing our listings today to find vintage umbrella stands that match your own personal taste.