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A towel rail is a simple bathroom feature – one that serves a purpose but often gets overlooked when it comes to design. However, the time has come to stop thinking of our towel rails as purely practical additions to the bathroom. Once you open yourself up to the possibilities available, you’ll see just how exciting towel rail designs can be. By its very nature, vintage furniture stands out and catches the eye. That’s why the past is the perfect place to start your search for characterful towel rails. Explore the extensive range of vintage towel rails available from Vinterior.

Vintage – trusted function and timeless fashion

Vintage is very much an umbrella term. It may imply a specific style to one person, and a completely different style to the next. That’s because vintage furniture can draw on various different styles from across the 20th century.

Vintage furniture is all about adding character and enhancing the narrative of your home by drawing on items that have been pre-loved and endured several decades of life in homes or indeed other settings. Unlike flatpack, mass-produced furniture items, vintage furniture offers any home a unique statement piece. The diversity and charm of vintage furniture is rivalled only by its practicality, as pieces have already proven themselves durable, reliable and sustainable by the time they enter your home.

The endless options of vintage towel rails

Vintage towel rails come in a variety of styles. Materials such as copper pipes can be used to create stunning towel rails with a vintage flair, looking right at home in any urban apartment or chic family bathroom. Similarly mid-century chrome rails can be charming on the wall of both classic bathrooms with metro tiles to more modern designs. On the other end of the style spectrum, vintage wooden towel rails use ornate detailing – and often an attached bathroom mirror – to create a stylish statement unit that’s full of rustic charm.

Not every towel rail needs to be attached to the wall, of course, and vintage freestanding towel rails can make a grand statement in a bathroom with a distinctive shabby chic vibe. No matter what look you want to create in your bathroom, you’d be surprised how effective the right towel rail can be.

Find vintage towel rails at Vinterior

Vinterior is the best place on the web to find characterful towel rails and other furniture from any era. We specialise in premium furniture with a story to tell, and attractive vintage pieces which are truly one of a kind. Our collection includes literally thousands of items from over one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated designers.

We do new too

Despite being passionate about vintage furniture, it isn’t all we offer here at Vinterior. Our passion for vintage furniture comes from its reputation for character and quality, and this is what we strive to offer with every piece in our extensive collection. As such, you’ll also discover some premium contemporary pieces in our range, including modern towel rails with all the charm and individuality of the highest quality vintage designs. By investing in the quality pieces of today, you’re choosing the vintage pieces of the future.

So whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s a long-loved antique or a brand new design, find it here at Vinterior. Our collection is sure to inspire you with fantastic ways to spruce up your bathroom design, so enjoy browsing today.

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