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The telephone table is a truly 20th century phenomenon. In the earliest days of the telephone, any family rich enough to afford one would simply have used it standing up, with the telephone fixed to the wall. In the late 1890s, the very first “desk stand” telephones were introduced and these were the earliest telephones to require a table or stand. Although telephone tables still exist today, they are far less common since the arrival of the mobile phone and cordless devices which mean that family members can walk around the house while they talk. Also, since many homes have multiple handsets, there is no longer any need for a single telephone point in a convenient location. Nevertheless, vintage telephone tables are still extremely popular among lovers of vintage furniture, not just for their original purpose but also as decorative side tables or bedside stands. You’ll find some gorgeous examples of vintage telephone tables on our website, so check out our range today.

Choosing vintage telephone tables

The vast majority of vintage telephone tables were produced during the period between the early 1920s and the 1950s. Commonly found in hallways, these stands were conveniently located for every member of the family to use.

Vintage telephone tables can be very diverse. While some are similar to a standard table, many of them come with a seat. The seat may be cushioned and adjoined to the surface where the telephone rests or it may be a pull-out seat from underneath the table. Most vintage telephone tables also come with drawers or a compartment for storage.

You can even find them made in a range of materials from teak, oak, rosewood or even bamboo. Most vintage telephone stands from this mid-century period are rather minimalist when it comes to design. They’re often finished with gloss rather than being painted.

Incorporating vintage telephone tables in your home

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the perfect place to rest your house phone. You’ll often find phones on top of cabinets and surfaces which were not meant for telephones. They can look out of place or untidy. Or, maybe you currently don’t even have a specific place for your phone. Every time it rings you start digging around your cushions to find it. In these cases, you may benefit from a vintage telephone table to keep you more organised.

As these tables often come with an upholstered seat – either fabric or leather – they are really convenient pieces to add into a hallway environment, both to sit on the phone and even to simply tie your shoelace before heading out the door. The drawers make for perfect places to put your telephone book or the yellow pages, along with pens, car keys and other personal effects.

The unique look of vintage telephone tables can add charm and character to your home’s interior. When used in a hallway they add a unique visual appeal to the space and are sure to be a talking point among visitors.

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