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Better known today as a chest of drawers, the tallboy has been a feature of bedrooms, and indeed, other rooms of the home, for generations. Originally designed to be the wardrobes of their day, tallboys first rose to prominence in homes during the 18th century. Developed from the original Tudor and Elizabethan lowboy, the tallboy in its first incarnation incorporated two pieces of furniture in one – a chest of drawers below with a wardrobe perched on top, hence its name indicating its height. Explore our website today and find vintage tallboys that will not only give you all the storage you need but also be a talking point of any room.

Choosing vintage tallboys

Over time, the tallboy developed into two distinctive pieces of furniture – the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. Most vintage tallboys from the 20th century are taller than the typical chests of drawers that are available in high street stores today.

While a standard modern chest of drawers is rarely higher than chest height, the tallboy can be considerably taller as might have been guessed from its name. Often having as many as six or even seven longer drawers as well as a couple of shorter ones, the tallboy offers an amazing amount of storage.

Made from strong and durable woods like teak, walnut and satinwood, vintage tallboys may feature unusually shaped handles, or lift-up lids which reveal a make-up and jewellery compartment beneath.

Some have been painted, but many remain in their natural state. Some have even retained their original shape with a wider lower section and a narrower unit on top. While some stand flat on the floor, others have taller legs to raise them up from ground level.

Of course, the height of tallboy units means that choosing a piece in the right style is made all the more important. A tallboy can act as a statement piece within your bedroom and so thinking about how you want it to interact with the rest of your décor is crucial. If you love the grandeur and extravagance of Art Deco furniture, why not look out for a stunning 1930s oak tallboy with inlaid geometric patterns. Or if you are a fan of the shabby chic look, why not opt for a wooden tallboy with distressed white or even black paintwork.

Should I buy a vintage tallboy?

Although some manufacturers today have taken their design inspiration from vintage tallboys, many of the modern flat-pack chest of drawers you will find for sale today will have a relatively short lifespan. By purchasing a vintage tallboy you will not only get a piece of furniture that is eye-catching and characterful, you will also know that your drawers are durable and have already stood the test of time.

Find vintage tallboys at Vinterior

Vinterior has an impressive collection of beautifully crafted vintage tallboys to suit all tastes and styles of home. From painted versions that can complement your interior décor to natural wood pieces which add a touch of elegance to any space, Vinterior’s range won’t fail to inspire and delight in equal measure.

Vintage tallboys also add an extra element of style and character to your room. Whether used in a bedroom in place of a standard chest of drawers or whether incorporated into a dining room or living area, a vintage tallboy not only offers the benefit of additional useful storage but also brings authenticity and flair to your space.

Browse our collection today and find all the inspiration you need for your next interior design project.

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