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Table lamps are a relatively recent invention, and only really came into play in the form that we recognise them today during the later years of the 19th century. Before that time, candles were the most common form of lighting, finally giving way to gas lamps during the mid-Victorian era. Vintage table lamps were not only designed to be practical but also to be decorative too. Often featuring unusual shapes, interesting materials or exciting designs, table lamps from the 1950s onwards were objects of beauty as well as convenient ways to bring aesthetically pleasing light and warmth into the home. Discover our collection of vintage table lamps today.

Why choose vintage table lamps?

By the middle years of the 20th century, homeowners had table lamps in many rooms of their home, although living rooms and bedrooms became the most common places to put these useful small lamps which brought gentle illumination to dark corners. While some lamps have traditional shapes, with a distinctive base and shade combination, others have unique features – whether geometric or otherwise. During the 20th century there was an incredible amount of innovation and design variation in the way that lamps looked and shed light in a room. And for avid vintage fans this means that there is a wonderful range to choose from here at Vinterior, no matter what your interior design theme.

Designed to be as beautiful when switched off as when switched on, many vintage table lamps are made with unusual materials such as glass, steel, chrome or bronze. Many lamps dating from the middle of the 20th century have been created with minimalist lines in mind, and their smooth, simple shapes are extremely eye-catching. Others have gone the other way and opted for ornate detailing and dramatic appearances.

While some have a stand, others lie flat on a surface, and while some are very colourful others are neutral in appearance and perfectly complement any interior décor. All, however, are extremely elegant additions to your home.

Incorporating vintage table lamps at home

A table lamp can be a useful addition to any room of your home. Whether you want to add some mood lighting to your living or dining area, or want a softer more aesthetically pleasing light in your bedroom so you can read your book while sitting in bed, a table lamp is the perfect solution.

A vintage table lamp is a much more stylish choice than any modern alternative. Crafted with aesthetics and beauty in mind as well as mere functionality, vintage table lamps can work in conjunction with a number of different design styles. Whether you are looking for a lamp to complement an Art Deco or industrial theme, or whether you simply need a piece to bring a room to life that is otherwise quite neutral – perhaps a Le Klint ceramic lamp, for instance – we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

When you opt for a vintage lamp, you’re lighting up your home with heritage, authenticity and history – what could be better?

Find vintage table lamps at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we showcase a gorgeous selection of beautiful antique and vintage furniture and decorative items designed to inspire and impress. Whether you’re furnishing an entire home or whether you just want to add a few special, authentic touches, we have the perfect vintage table lamps for you.

Check out our vintage table lamps today and shine a light on the past in the most elegant and stylish way.

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