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The perfect accessory can make all the difference to the décor of a room, and mirrors are one of the best. Versatile and attractive, mirrors suit the entire home. But it’s important to capture the right look. Vintage style mirrors offer a great diversity, helping to add light and space into the room, as well as being decorative. Whether you prefer a more minimalist, plain appearance or one that’s highly decorative, you’ll find a vintage mirror that suits your style. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a wide range of vintage style mirrors for every room in the house. Browse through our online catalogue today and you’ll discover some stunning examples of retro mirrors for your home.

Vintage style mirrors: what to consider

There isn’t an area in the house that doesn’t benefit from a well-placed mirror – from the smallest kitchen to the largest bedroom. Adding the finishing touch to décor, mirrors are the missing link in home accessories.

When you find your perfect vintage style mirror at Vinterior you’ll need to decide the best place for it. If it’s a full-length mirror you will, of course, need to find a sizeable space, whether it is a wall-hung mirror or a free-standing piece to go in the corner of a bedroom. A smaller mirror is a more versatile option that can be hung on almost any wall or stood safely on a mantlepiece.

If you’re looking to add more light, choose a large mirror to place in a small room. It may seem counterintuitive to put a large mirror in a more compact area but place it opposite the window and you’ll see the effect. Instantly brighter and creating the perception of space, a mirror can instantly make a room seem more inviting.

Highly decorative or statement vintage mirrors can act as a focal point for the room, too. Place above a low dresser or fireplace for the maximum effect and it will really draw the eye. This works for a range of different vintage themes, whether you’ve opted for a mirror that’s a classic style or more rustic.

In hallways and passages, mirrors once again add depth to a space which is typically quite limited but their placement here is practical too. Placed on the wall, you can quickly check your appearance on leaving the house so you’re not caught out by any unexpected smudges or rogue hairs.

Choosing between vintage style mirrors

This is where your personal preference counts. But you will need to consider your surroundings to choose a vintage style mirror that matches or complements your decor.

For example, if you’ve got a very ornate, decorative look then a rustic wooden retro design would look out of place. Choose a mirror which is in keeping with the overall theme in your room and you’ll find it slots in beautifully.

Vintage style mirrors are available in a wide range of finishes so you won’t be limited on choice. From simple, plain frames to big, bold designs, you’ll have a great selection to choose from. Browse our collection and you will find interesting pieces like a leather-framed 50s porthole mirror to a Danish teak-framed mirror. The extra advantage about vintage is that you won’t have the same mirror as everyone else in your street; once you’ve picked you can enjoy the knowledge that your home’s decor will be truly individual.

We also have a number of vintage-style mirrors that may have been upcycled or renovated by modern craftspeople. Look out for handpainted shabby chic oval mirrors with detailed edging.

Vintage style mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve got a huge collection here at Vinterior. Whether it’s for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway, you’ll find a retro mirror that’s perfect for your home. Browse through our online catalogue today and find the mirror you love.

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