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Storage is a key aspect to consider in any home. Of course we all need to find somewhere to keep a range of items from pens and pencils to coffee and tea, but there’s no reason to keep them out of sight when stunning antique and vintage storage jars can create an elegant solution. Visit Vinterior today and find beautiful vintage and antique storage jars that will be a thing of beauty in your home as well as a useful solution.

Storage jars in the home

Jars have been used for storage since the earliest times. During the Roman period, for example, food was often kept in storage jars when being transported. Even from their first days, while many jars had quite a basic design and were purely functional in purpose, many more had a dual decorative purpose. With intricate details or patterns, these original jars were just as aesthetically pleasing as they were practical.

As the years drew on, storage jars were often designed with beauty in mind. Unusually shaped or painted designs were commonly seen, and this persists today in modern jars that have been made for storing condiments or dried pasta on worktops and open shelving.

Why use storage jars in your décor?

Storage jars come in an enormous selection of shapes and sizes. From glass pieces to those made from stoneware, there is a wide variation in their appearance.

Many antique and vintage jars are made from glass to allow the user to see the contents. These often have screw on lids, although others have simple metal cage closures.

Some antique and vintage storage jars have decorative detailing or painted exteriors. These were originally designed to be displayed on benches or on open shelving or cabinets. Many of these examples feature writing on the sides to reveal the intended contents. Some storage jars have even been upcycled with fresh painting or modern design additions to give them a new lease of life for the 21st century.

Investing in antique and vintage storage jars

Even those who have no interest in heritage furniture often like the idea of adding a touch vintage or antique glamour into their kitchen environment. In fact, demand is so high for these retro pieces that many modern manufacturers have taken their design inspiration from original pieces of kitchen equipment. These contemporary alternatives, however, lack the genuine character and traditional flair of a classic piece.

With their distinctive appearance and attractive design, vintage and antique storage jars are not only a convenient and functional way to keep food and small items safe in the home, but they are also a quick and easy way to add beauty and elegance with minimal effort.

Find storage jars at Vinterior

We specialise in finding and supplying a gorgeous range of antique and vintage items that are sure to inspire modern homeowners to bring the past back to life in their own properties.

We have a stunning selection of storage jars that are perfect for any contemporary kitchen, living room, dining area or bedroom. Perfect for storing food items, accessories or odds and ends in a decorative way, they are a simple and convenient way to add style and heritage to your life.

Visit Vinterior today and you’re sure to find the perfect antique or vintage storage jars for your home. We know you’ll be inspired!

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