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Add a little vintage chic to your home with a classic serving trolley. Whether you’re using it to as a stylish way to serve cocktails to your houseguests, displaying small pot plants in a conservatory area or as a serving vessel for nibbles at a dinner party, the perfect vintage trolley adds a sense of nostalgia and character to both modern and traditional homes. Alternatively, why not consider using your vintage serving trolley as a movable shelf display, a quirky side table, or for its original use of moving food from the kitchen to the dining area? Explore a range of evocative and charming vintage serving trolleys from the pages of history on our online marketplace. From original 1950s wooden trolleys, to elegant glass-panelled tea trolleys, to repurposed industrial trolleys from restaurants, you’ll find vintage serving trolleys to interest and inspire you, and get creative with your interior space.

Features of vintage serving trollies

What style of vintage serving trolley is right for you? Whether you’re looking for a chic mid-century trolley to wow your dinner guests and complement a modern living room, or need a compact and lightweight side table for your bedroom or hallway, think about your requirements before you begin your search, as this will help you get the one that works best with your space.

The 1950s saw a boom in furniture production, with new, minimalist styles emerging such as those from the Danish modern period. Clean designs featuring crisp lines and fresh industrial materials marked the shift away from the elaborate ornamentation and intricate decoration of earlier furniture movements. Alongside this new Scandi artistic influence came a change in the way that people led their lives. As the economy steadily grew in post-war years, more people were able to afford to throw have lavish dinner parties at home, with serving trolleys being a practical and space-saving solution for moving food around in style.

Find gorgeous, original 1950s serving trolleys today in our online marketplace. From simple two-tiered metal and teak numbers to stunning three-tiered asymmetrical glass trolleys, there are plenty of options for you to fall in love with. In fact, this stylish and ever so kitsch furniture item works as well today with the modern home as it did way back in the early and mid-20th century.

Shopping for vintage serving trollies

Vintage shopping is like an adventure with plenty of surprises along the way. You never know quite what treasures you’re going to unearth. Discover hidden gems and nostalgia-inducing blasts from the past by choosing vintage shopping instead of buying everything new. Pre-loved pieces tell a story and offer a little slice of history, which can only enhance the narrative of your interior design. Vintage serving trolleys bring charm and character to your home, and in themselves transform what might be a practical item into an artistic statement.

It is also true to say that many items of vintage furniture are of a much higher quality than new furniture and cheap flat pack items that are rushed off the production line using cheap materials. Instead, buying vintage is an investment for the future – for both your home and your wallet.

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