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There is nothing quite like a rug for creating an immediate impact in a home. Whether you have carpeted or hardwood floors in your house or apartment, a rug can change up your style in an instant. While you can certainly find many bright and colourful modern rugs on the market today, we feel there is nothing quite like the character and personality afforded by a vintage rug – particularly if you are trying to achieve a unique vibe or follow a theme from a particular period in history. While the rest of your décor may be restrained, a rug gives you ample opportunity to be a little more bold and creative, adding not only colour but also texture to a space – something that wil be particularly important if you are a fan of trends like the Danish “Hygge” and need to offset your minimalist furniture with something that little bit “cosier”. Explor the collection of vintage rugs here at Vinterior today.

Transform your Home with a Vintage Rug from Vinterior

While the larger items of furniture – bed, sofa, dining table – are undoubtedly important considerations it would be foolish to overlook the importance that soft furnishings and accessories can have on a home. These includes pillows, ornaments, mirrors, cushions and rugs. Rugs are a surprisingly impactful addition to a house as they’re not just tactile, they also protect the floor and provide a dynamic and colourful shape. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of piling to suit your desired texture. Rug design has therefore become a key area of exploration for interior designers. Furthermore, rugs can create attractive contrasts between the floor and other elements of a room, creating a dynamic sense of space.

Vintage rugs can really transform your home. Whether you prefer a bold and bright Art Deco rug, a textured mid-century version or something with the colour blocking features of the 70s, you will find a broad range of vintage rugs here at Vinterior. Interestingly, the origin of rug designs can be incredibly diverse. In fact, many of the most popular rugs in the home over the last century have been from far flung parts of the world. Persian rugs and oriental rugs are just two important styles that have both informed European interior design and been incorporated into them.

If you are looking to create a subtle sense of sophistication in your living room, for example, look no further than a vintage handwoven Persian rug. With many options on our marketplace you can find colours to match your décor.

Alternatively, why not contrast your interior design? If your furniture is relatively neutral and your walls are pale, why not choose a bright pink or perhaps a yellow to add an accent colour to your room.

There really are no limitations on where you can place a rug in your home – from a runner in the hallway to a large rug square rug in your living room and even a small circular rug in your bedroom underneath your dressing table and chair.

Shop vintage rugs with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we feature a huge range of amazing vintage rugs, some will surprise you with their astonishing quality and others will blow you away with their amazing patterned designs. Our vintage rugs are both visually striking and comfortable, helping you transform your room into something all the more distinctive and unique. Rugs can help tie your room together, so why not explore our listings today and find your inspiration?