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Whether you consider yourself to be green fingered or not, we can all agree that having some flora and some foliage in the home is a good thing. As much as man-made objects (like furniture) can stir the soul there is nothing quite like the natural world to improve our sense of wellbeing and make a home feel like a more pleasant place to be. Yet to incorporate plants into the home you do need to think about the layout of your room and, importantly, the surfaces on which you can place them. One particular item that is particularly sought after here at Vinterior is the vintage plant stand. To see what a vintage plant stands looks like, why not browse our listings now?

Choosing vintage plant stands

You would be forgiven for thinking that the humble plant stand is relatively simple item of furniture and probably has not varied too much over the course of history. After all, you only need a plinth or table-top on which to rest a plant, right?

Of course, this thought has not stopped designers over the years from fashioning many different and distinct designs for vintage plant stands, helping to elevate the natural beauty of the plants themselves and create a truly stunning aesthetic in the home – be it in a corner of a living room, in a hallway or even in a bedroom.

To get a flavour for the kind of variety of plant stands available here at Vinterior, take a look at an example of a vintage mid-century rattan bamboo plant stand (tripod variations are particularly eye-catching) against a French mid-century plant stand–floor lamp combination in teak. While both of these perform a similar task they are clearly suited to very different environments.

But whether you are looking for a plant stand to fit with an industrial setting, a shabby chic environment, an ultra-modern space or even an Art Déco room, you will find a stunning piece here at Vinterior.

As with any vintage item, especially older ones, you can expect to see some signs of age. This may include, but isn’t limited to: scratches, dents, a slight bending of the wire or sun damage. Our listings will make note of any minor wear you should be aware of.

Benefits of vintage plant stands

Plants left on random surfaces and windowsills can often be knocked over by excited children and unsuspecting pets. With a vintage plant stand, you don’t just get charming aesthetics, you also get functionality. The design of a lot of these older plant stands let the plant sit in place rather than on a surface which it can easily be knocked off.

Choosing vintage items is also good for the planet. By opting for materials already in use rather than increasing the demand for new products manufactured in a harmful way, you reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention that new items continue to release harmful toxins through resins and glues even after they have been made.

Shop for vintage plant stands with Vinterior

If the idea of incorporating a vintage plant stand in your home gets you excited about the possibilities for changing up your interior design, perhaps it’s time you browsed our collection now. With more than a thousand trusted sellers within our network there is nowhere better to find stunning heritage pieces than right here at Vinterior.