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For years, plant pots have formed a stylish addition to homes of all kinds. Most contemporary homeowners have plant pots in at least one room of the home, displaying gorgeous flowers and plants and letting the outdoor environment come indoors for more natural appeal. But if you want to get more from your indoor flora, opting for a vintage plant pot can really elevate the look to a new level. Discover our collection of vintage plant pots and enjoy the beauty of nature framed in heritage.

The evolution of vintage plant pots

Plant pots have been around in one form or another for centuries. The earliest flowerpots were made out of terracotta, and the Romans often used them as a window box in tenements without gardens to allow them to grow herbs for food and medicinal purposes.

Through the centuries, there have been several different materials used to manufacture planters. While some have been made of robust materials like metal and concrete, others have been fashioned from porcelain, wood and other more unusual materials for greater variety.

It was during the Victorian era that plant pots really took off in decorative style. The 19th century was a time for every house-proud wife to bring ornate decorations into the home, and plant pots were an ideal way to add visual appeal to drawing rooms and parlours.

By the mid-20th century, the demand for attractive plant pots inside the home had increased even more. Designed to not only add the extra beauty of natural plants and flora into the home but also to be a decorative addition in their own right, vintage plant pots are still popular today.

Choosing vintage plant pots

Vintage plant pots come in an enormous range of shapes, sizes and materials. From classic terracotta to beautifully decorative porcelain, there is no single size fits all approach to displaying plants indoors.

Many pots have a traditional tub shape with a wider brim and narrower base, however others have adopted more unusual shapes. From jugs to goblet-shaped pots, there is no shortage of options.

While many have neutral colours that work well in any indoor environment, such as cream or white, others have decorative patterns which catch the eye just as much as the plants that they contain.

Why buy a vintage plant pot?

No home would be complete without at least one stylish plant pot. Bringing the outdoors indoors is just as fashionable and desirable today as it was in the past, and while you can buy modern plant pots in any store, the amount of style, personality and character that vintage ones can bring to your spaces are far superior.

Vintage plant pots have been designed to be strong and sturdy while still being a decorative item. Whether you are displaying real plants or artificial flowers, you can be sure that vintage plant pots will be a wonderfully attractive addition to your room.

Since there are so many different types of vintage plant pot available, you’re sure to find the inspiration you’re searching for that will enable you to stamp your unique character on your modern home.

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