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Vintage pendant lighting is, by virtue of its design, a natural centre point to a room. Descending from the ceiling, it draws the eyes and the attention. Whether this is a 1970s glass blown bulb, an ornate Victorian candelabra or something in between, it makes a very clear and immediate statement about you. Manufacturers were able to use almost all materials when making vintage pendant lighting – the only factor to consider was weight and size! Glass pendant lights, metal pendant light – even some in wood are available, each striking and eye-catching in their own right. Browse the range of vintage pendant lights today.

Why choose vintage pendant lighting?

A pendant light is a light fixture which hangs down via a metal chain or cord. You will find outstanding vintage pendant lighting from the likes of Thorlux and other sought-after manufacturers on our marketplace. They can be made with various metals and holophane glass. Some of them come from old industrial premises whilst others have originated from family heirlooms.

Vintage pendant lights can “throw” light down or up, so they give you great flexibility in terms of creating spotlights or soft lighting in the home. Some even have the ability to have their light angles moved, giving limitless options to the clever buyer. Imagine having a light which, when turned on, may not look the same each time. It may be angled differently, may be higher or lower (some pendants are adjustable), it may have different colour and strength bulbs – all of which throw light onto your furniture, walls and empty spaces in different ways, illuminating your home in interesting and exciting ways.

Vintage items are truly unique pieces that can make your home stand out from the crowd and provide a distinct aesthetic from modern mass-produced furnishings. Pendant lights can be placed in any room and are an easy way to distinguish your style from others throughout your home, pub or cafe.

As these are vintage items they can be of considerable age, having been used daily for many years. You may find signs of age which adds to their character and notifies onlookers of their authenticity. This only adds to their wonderful character. Any minor damage will be reported on our listings.

Incorporating vintage pendant lighting at home

If you are thinking that vintage pendant lights are beautiful and unique items but think they’ll clash with your modern décor then think again. Adding vintage to your current furnishings can actually create a pleasant contrast that will showcase the light’s distinct beauty and charm even more. This is because vintage items are not a style that is going to go out of fashion. They are versatile and timeless items that will keep on making your home look wonderful as time goes on.

It is worth bearing in mind that shopping for vintage pieces can also be a great move if you want to make your home a more sustainable place – after all, you are reducing your requirement for newly manufactured pieces that use valuable natural resources.

Vintage pendant lights are usually made with quality materials and can therefore last longer than many cheap high street options This means you can enjoy their individuality for longer but aids them in transforming from a vintage piece to a potential investment. Yes, that’s right – some of these lights can become more valuable over time.

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Our marketplace is made up of sellers that have been checked and verified by us. This is so you can shop safe in the knowledge that you’re buying quality products that match their descriptions. There’s no time like the present to start browsing for vintage pendant lighting or other furnishings. Get searching today.