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In any living room with a fireplace, an overmantle or over-mantle mirror is almost a necessity. The lasting image of the Victorian parlour has a large and elegant mirror hanging in pride of place over the hearth. Even today, many homeowners have subscribed to this enduring memory, including large mirrors over their own mantlepiece as a vital element of their front rooms. Browse the listings here at Vinterior today and you’ll be sure to find Victorian overmantle mirrors to suit your living room.

The benefits of overmantle mirrors

Mirrors didn’t really arrive in home decor universally until the 19th century but since then, they’ve never left the home. Whatever style of decor you choose, you are almost certain to need a mirror.

Overmantle mirrors are large and striking pieces which were originally intended to sit above the fireplace, acting as a focal point for the room. If you don’t have a fireplace you can still have an overmantle mirror; a good alternative is to hang it above a low-lying piece of furniture such as a dresser. Do make sure it’s securely hung as overmantle mirrors tend to be heavy and can do damage if they drop.

On a purely aesthetic level, overmantle mirrors are almost impossible to ignore, adding a certain grandeur into the room. They work well in dining rooms and large bedrooms too, providing a vintage touch which is elegant and sophisticated. Think back to the glamour of Edwardian times and you’ll see the same style replicated when you choose an overmantel mirror.

However, overmantle mirrors are practical too as they reflect the light and bounce it around the room. If your home is more compact this is a great trick to instantly add the illusion of space. It will also reflect the main lighting, so to maximise the impact why not choose something that makes a statement – like a mock-candlesticks or even a chandelier?

Different styles of overmantle mirror

Arising in the Victorian era, you’ll find no shortage of antique mirrors. These may be highly decorative such as those from the Rococo style or simpler and more structural, such as those with a gilt frame.

However, you don’t need to have a home filled with antiques to choose an older style of mirror as there are lots of vintage designs, too.

Art Deco has a more modern feel with bold patterns and colours, and an almost architectural look. There are many examples of frameless mirrors from this period as well as those that are even accompanied by etched glass. This style of mirror looks great with a vintage theme and is a very versatile accessory.

If your style is particularly minimalist but you love the look of an overmantle mirror, consider a frameless design. This is a classic and timeless style which is impossible to date and will complement any style of decor you choose.

Shop for overmantle mirrors with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we love vintage mirrors and you’ll find a great assortment of overmantle mirrors at affordable prices. With a network of more than a thousand trusted sellers from around the UK, there is nowhere better to find the vintage piece you need to complete your look. Browse through our online catalogue today and find the style that inspires you.