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You may simply use it to get dressed in the morning, to see yourself shave or to apply your contact lenses, but the humble mirror has huge transformative power when it comes to interior design. Not only does it reflect light around a space, making it appear bigger and brighter, but it can also really make a statement in a room thanks to its own look and design. Free standing mirrors are decadent additions to any room, but they do take up floorspace, making them difficult to squeeze into smaller spaces and bathrooms. But wall mirrors can provide just as much character while saving you space, especially vintage mirrors hanging on an elegant chain. Explore the product collection here at Vinterior and discover the perfect mirror on chain for your home.

The undeniable charm of a vintage mirror on a chain

There is something about vintage mirrors that has allowed them to stand the test of time for years and, in many cases, decades. And as many of us look to make our homes stand out from the crowd, looking for a beautiful vintage piece with its own unique history is a popular way to go.

Vintage furniture as a whole doesn’t just refer to one thing and so vintage mirrors can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. It might be a geometric piece from the Art Deco period, or a simply chic mid-century item – either way, with vintage comes individuality.

Introducing a vintage mirror on chain into your home

In some cases, people fill their whole home with vintage furniture to create a distinct theme. For others, one large statement piece is all they need to add a touch of character and glamour. Sometimes, however, a middle ground between these two design styles works best. By introducing a few touches of vintage flair here and there, you can allow your home design to really make an impact. And of course, one of these items must be a vintage mirror on chain.

Like all vintage furniture, a vintage mirror on chain can take many different forms. A typical oval shaped mirror can hang beautifully in a bedroom in place of a large dressing table, using ornate detailing to provide the same sense of luxury on a smaller scale. Alternatively, squarer designs with bevelled edges are more synonymous with mid-century design, providing a sleek, chic vibe which can be enjoyed in the bathroom, or hanging above a sideboard in the hallway. This gives you the perfect place to do a quick check on yourself before leaving the house.

Find your perfect mirror on chain at Vinterior

The story and charm you get with vintage furniture is rivalled only by its practicality, as these pieces have already proven their durability and reliability by remaining functional and fashionable for years. Even the most conscientious and eco-friendly shopper can rest easy with vintage furniture, as it is a sustainable source of décor.

You’ll find a large selection of mirrors on chains here at Vinterior. We specialise in characterful and unique furniture from all eras, including antiques, vintage pieces, retro furniture, mid-century designs, upcycled items and even contemporary furniture. No matter how old or young, our collection of thousands of pieces contains only the most desirable furniture.

Find a mirror that reflects you at Vinterior. Browse our collection today and get inspired.