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When you want a vintage piece of furniture you usually need to research trusted dealers and boutiques and then find out if they have what you’re looking for. This can take a lot of time and effort. To help those who want to buy exceptional furniture, we created this marketplace so your furniture hunts are much easier and less stressful. We gathered the best in the industry to make sure you have a greater choice of quality items. Among the many incredible and intriguing items you can find here at Vinterior, we are delighted to be able to share a range of metal lockers. These can add real character and convenience to the right setting. If a vintage metal locker isn’t something that crossed your mind before, why not check them out right now.

What do vintage metal lockers look like?

It isn’t so difficult to identify a vintage metal locker. As they are pre-used items of furniture, they may come from various decades as far back as the 1920s. This means that vintage metal lockers don’t have one particular style. Nevertheless, they do have one thing in common; they’re metal. The type of metal used can vary. They usually originate from industrial settings, such as factories and workshops, although you will also find examples from schools, hospitals, leisure centres and almost anywhere there has ever been need for one of those interesting and iconic storage units.

The shape of the lockers may be long and narrow similar to ones you would find in a school, or they may be small square-shaped lockers. Most vintage lockers have slits – usually three – to aid ventilation. Some may have feet, and some may not. The number of lockers can vary too. If the locker is long and narrow, you usually find one unit includes one, two or three lockers. The smaller square lockers usually have significantly more lockers on each unit.

They may be left in their bare metallic state or some may have been painted with various colours to help you achieve a bold look in the home.

Why choose vintage metal lockers?

But, why get one? A vintage metal locker can be a fantastic addition to your home. The signs of age can add character and charm. Some vintage lockers may even have a backstory that you can share with guests.

Where would you even put it? If you place one in your hallway, it can be really convenient to store coats and bags while also keeping them out of sight. In fact, if you are sick of your cupboard under the stairs overflowing with your family’s gear, allocating each family member a locker can be a great way to organise everyone and save on mess and lost items. You can also place one with smaller square lockers in your kitchen to keep spices, herbs and other staple ingredients. The dual locker units may be a great wardrobe replacement. Or, if you own a bar or café, they can intrigue your customers or continue a running theme.

Their character and convenience are matched with their environmental benefit. Increasing demand for used materials instead of new furniture is great for the environment!

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