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We all know that a clock does a lot more than simply tell the time when it comes to interior design. It can also act as an eye-catching and stylish feature in the home, creating focus, flair and finesse. Whether it’s a living room wall clock or a designer watch, we all use these wonderfully complex time-telling devices as a beautiful accessory, and nowhere is their luxury more present than on a mantelpiece. A mantel clock has got to be one of the most elegant home additions, especially when you seek out a beautiful vintage design. Discover an incredible range of vintage mantel clocks right here at Vinterior.

Vintage mantel clocks – the quintessential vintage addition

Vintage furniture often evokes different images for different people. With so many wonderful styles, designs and trends coming to the fore in the 20th century, there are so many different looks for you to choose from. Beginning in the 1920s, you may love the idea of an Art Deco clock with a geometric design. Alternatively, you may prefer the sleek simplicity of the mid-century modernist movement.

But for most people, vintage furniture means only one thing: luxury. When someone mentions luxury, chances are your mind goes straight to decorative elements, gold gilding, dark woods and all-round opulence. It is this sense of grandeur and decadence which vintage furniture provides and which simply cannot be replicated by the mass-produced high street alternatives of today. And nowhere is this sense of luxury more present than with the vintage mantel clock.

Introducing vintage mantel clocks into your home

A mantelpiece is in itself a decadent feature to have in the home, but a vintage mantel clock can really take it to the next level. The soft ticking of a mantel clock upon an attractive fireplace harks back to a time of endless opulence of luxury – the royal courts of great monarchs or the upper class parties of the roaring 20s. Features such as French tortoiseshell and brass inlays, brass gilt and marble only add to this sense of luxury. Many vintage mantel clocks possess intricate carvings, often featuring figures, animals, floral designs or even full scenes as a way to showcase the talent behind the piece’s design. These decadent options can act as a bold and attractive focal point in any living room, dining room or parlour.

However, vintage clocks are also versatile as well as elegant, and not every mantel clock is as ornate as this. Some boast a more simplistic, pared back design, making them more suited to a casual interior setting. The beautiful mid-century clocks of the 1960s and 70s feature sleeker silhouettes and fewer frills, but are no less impressive for it. Oak, teak, copper and even minerals are often used to create attractive designs suitable for any living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen.

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