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There is something special about bringing vintage lights into the home. After all, a light is not just “a light”; it’s a centre-piece to a room, something that draws the eye and catches attention. So why not look to the tried and tested designs to make your statement? Designing an excellent home isn’t purely about super-modern trends, it’s about building an eclectic, striking and comfortable space. Here at Vinterior we have some fantastic examples of light fittings that have stood the test of time and are still as beautiful and versatile as they’ve ever been – be it pieces from the Art Deco era, the mid-20th century or perhaps something from the funky 70s. Browse our collection of vintage style lights today.

Why choose vintage lights?

Lighting plays a fundamental role in any home for obvious reasons – it is required to illuminate each and every room. But while we all need lighting in a very similar way, our tastes in the fitting itself can vary hugely. After all, some of us want to recreate a look that depicts the roaring 20s, some of us want an elaborate and grand chandelier, while others simply want clean and simple LED spotlights so that the focus remains on the furniture in the room itself.

Whatever your tastes and preferences, there’s something here at Vinterior for everyone. If you love the idea of a big and impressive light fitting to take pride of place in a high ceilinged living room but want a more modern look than an antique chandelier, why noy browse our range of mid-century Sputnik lights. Utilising not only glass but also chrome, steel and brass in places, these lights are certainly a conversation starter with your guests. Need something cool and trendy to incorporate above your chic kitchen island? How about an industrial pendant light in copper taken straight from the factory floor?

Lights are included in every single room and we take them for granted, as we do with the reliability of modern-day electricity. Because lights are so ubiquitous, their housings have become a key source of curiosity for interior designers. Light fittings are not just design elements in their own right, they also spread light in certain ways, either concentrating it harshly for dramatic effect or diffusing it pleasantly for a softer effect. Some vintage lights cast strange and interesting shadows, filling a room with illuminated dynamism.

Choosing design carefully will enhance your other pieces, building an overall picture of your personality. Some vintage lights are simple, elegant and modern with hard metal exteriors, perhaps plated with chrome or constructed from wrought iron or stainless steel. Others make use of glass and coloured plastic to add an art deco dynamic that elevates a light from its raw illuminous form.

Shop for vintage lights with Vinterior

Any home can use vintage light fittings to transform this fundamental element of a house into something all the more characterful. Here at Vinterior we are proud of our range of vintage lights, which we feature courtesy of a nationwide network of trusted sellers.

If you home has an eclectic style and you are looking to add a touch of character and charm, take the time to browse our listings. Perhaps, you’ve opted for a more traditional period style property and what to transform your plain light fittings into something more traditional. Whichever angle you’re taking, Vinterior has the selection to match your vision.

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