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When you are creating your perfect home decor, the furniture is only part of the overall look. Although they may be small in size by comparison, it’s also essential to pick the right light fittings and light shades, too. No matter what home decor you are buying, opting to buy vintage means you’ll find more distinctive designs which are original and characterful. Light shades are no exception. Vintage light shades provide the ideal way to finish off your decor in a style that you won’t find anywhere else. Here at Vinterior, we don’t just specialise in big ticket furniture, we’ve also got a great range of antique and retro accessories too. We have lots of vintage light shades in a variety of colours and sizes, so take a look at our online catalogue today to get inspired.

Matching your light shade to your decor

Before you find a light shade on Vinterior that you fall in love with, it’s worth double checking the fixtures you have and the dimensions you need. There are many different styles of light fitting and not every light shade will work with them all.

Some light fittings are tightly recessed into the ceiling so a low-hanging shade wouldn’t fit. Similarly, if your light hangs low, a shade which hugs the ceiling tightly will look odd and out of place.

A light shade is one accessory that every room needs to look complete, regardless of whether you’ve opted for a rustic-style decor or a more polished finish. Light shades come in a wide variety of styles and can help to pull together your overall theme when chosen well. It doesn’t have to match the same colour as your furniture but should complement it in some way.

Vintage light shades: finding your style

Vintage light shades are available in a range of different materials, as each design era had its own particular preferences. From metal to fabric, and everything in between, there’s a great selection here at Vinterior.

Which type of material should you choose for your light shade though? Here are a few considerations to take into account:


Glass is extremely popular with vintage light shades because of the enormous options it provides. From clear, subtle designs to brightly coloured, bold lights, glass is both decorative and functional.


Not the most obvious choice but metal light shades can work well in shabby chic and industrial desing settings. Striking in their simplicity, metal doesn’t usually complement highly ornate styles quite so well.


Choosing fabric for your light shade can allow you to be flexible in the ambience you wish to create. This makes it perfect for both bedrooms and living areas alike. However, make sure you consider the colour of the fabric as this will affect the light it throws out. If you have a relatively quiet and neutral décor, you can use a fabric light shade to add an accent colour.


Chandeliers are the obvious choice for crystals but they are used in a whole host of other types of lighting too. Offering a greater reflectiveness than glass, the overall effect can be stunning whether used in a simple pendant light or a larger, statement piece. The only drawback is that if your room is quite small or the decor quite detailed, crystal can look fussy.

Shop for vintage light shades with Vinterior

At Vinterior we’ve got a wide range of vintage light shades in any colour, material or style you need. Browse through our online collection and find the perfect item to light up your life.