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There are few people out there who aren’t aware of the Laura Ashley brand. The iconic rustic style of the company was one of the hallmarks of the second half of the 20th century – and it continues to be an influential name on the high street today. For those who are true Laura Ashley fans, however, the brand is all about the fabric. The beautiful quality and traditional designs are what sets this brand apart from its competitors. And with such incredible heritage behind it, why wouldn’t you love vintage Laura Ashley fabrics. Browse our collection today and help to give your home a bit of that retro Laura Ashley feel.

A little bit about Laura Ashley

The famous fashion and home furnishings company was named for its founder, Laura Ashley, and was launched back in the 1950s. The origin of the brand came from a visit to the V&A museum to see an exhibit about traditional handicrafts. Laura was inspired to create her own quilts, but as she struggled to find any suitable fabrics in shops, she set about producing her own.

Her desire to bring back traditional-style fabrics led to a successful brand that is still going strong now in the 21st century. Originally producing only fabrics, after the release of the Roman Holiday movie during the 1960s, Laura Ashley moved into producing headscarves and from there into other types small home items like tea towels and placemats.

It wasn’t until the end of the 1960s that the brand progressed into producing clothing items, and then another ten years before their furniture lines were launched.

Why choose vintage Laura Ashley fabric?

Even if you are not an interior design expert, it would be fair to say that most people would be able to spot a Laura Ashley-style fabric. The brand was originally founded on its fabric production and even today, the brand is heavily focused on its use of fabrics with an authentic look and feel.

Although classics like gingham and velvet are in evidence, the vast majority of vintage Laura Ashley fabrics feature floral designs in a range of beautiful colours. Usually focusing on pastels, neutrals and muted shades rather than bright patterns, vintage Laura Ashley fabric is a great choice for making upholstery, curtains or bed linen.

While you could always buy modern fabrics from Laura Ashley today, there’s definitely something to be said for buying vintage Laura Ashley fabric. Not only can you be guaranteed the highest quality material, but you can also benefit from the unique sense of style that vintage fabric brings to your home.

When you invest in vintage Laura Ashley fabric you are reworking the past into beautiful contemporary items for your 21st century home. Whether you want to make your own curtains, cushions, upholstery or any other items, you can reap the benefits of bringing lovely and authentic vintage style into your life.

Find vintage Laura Ashley fabric at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, our team are dedicated to finding an impressive selection of beautiful antique, retro and vintage decorative items and furniture. From there we bring them together all under one roof in our unique marketplace. We’re proud to help you to bring authenticity and flair into every room of your home and to help you put your own stamp on your interior design. It’s our mission to inspire you to create the most gorgeous rooms and to add touches of bygone style to your life. Discover Vinterior’s selection of stunning vintage Laura Ashley fabric today and add some rustic style to your life.