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Vintage decor, accessories and ornaments can transform your home into something lively, dynamic, impressive and unique. From the tremendously unique selection of Art Deco pieces to the subtlest modernist furniture pieces, here at Vinterior we open the doors to a world of amazing vintage and retro lighting. Vintage furniture crosses many eras of designs, from the modernism to Art Deco. Many of the brands and designers you will find on our online marketplace will be familiar – perhaps Ercol, G-Plan or Charles Rennie Mackintosh – while others may be less well known. Yet, thanks to our extensive network of specialist sellers you can always be confident that the vintage and retro producs listed here are of the highest standard. Get exploring Vinterior now. for vintage lamps & lighting.

Vintage style lamps

A key element to any home is its lighting. Lamps are one such standalone lightning piece that can add a great touch to any interior space, illuminating design angles and adding to the overall feel and ambience of a space. It is incredible how important lighting is in creating the right mood, so we suggest that you never leave lighting to last when you are planning out your interior design projects.

Lamps have always been a quirky source of design, they’re interesting in their own right, an ornamental item which also serves a practical function that is intrinsic to modern home living. Once electric lamps were invented, a whole new host of ideas for lighting was created whereby lighting was decorative as well as practical.

Lamp light is appealing light and by lighting sections of your room, you can create a degree of drama or simply add emphasis to a space. This might be focusing attention on a particular piece of wall art or illuminating a reading corner. At Vinterior, we stock a tremendous selection of lamps which can transport your room to a more vintage era. One key design trend that shaped the construction of lamps was Art Deco. From ornate twisted metal designs to bright and modernist straight-lined lamps, lamp design is richer and more diverse than many expect.

Vintage lamps fill the void between practicality and necessity and style. You need lamps in your home, so why settle for boring solutions from your high street shop? Adding exciting lamps enable you to tap into your interior space, turning it into something all the more distinctive, exciting and innovative. Don’t be scared of exciting lamp designs, embrace them! Whether you’re aiming for that modern 80s look, with industrial style lamps with bolts, nuts and hard edges, or a classic 40s look with mahogany veneered green glass desk lamps, you’ll be surprised at what a lamp can add to your room.

Vintage lamps in design

Another element to lamp design is that the eye is drawn to the lamp, naturally, by the fact that it is illuminated. A lamp’s housing, then, draws its own figure in shadow, which only emphasises it further within the dynamics of a room.

By adding a vintage lamp to your room, you can create a real sense of style and class. Lamps come in all sorts of sizes from full-height multi-headed lamps with complex positioning systems to squat compact desk lamps. There’s something to fit every bill for every home style, so whether you’re building an eclectic space that draws inspiration from a multitude of retro styles or a unified vintage interior, Vinterior has a lamp to contribute to your space.

If you are looking to improve the look and feel of your living room, study, bedroom or kitchen, why not think about how a vintage lamp might benefit your design. Then find your inspiration here at Vinterior.