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From utensils and cookware to kettles, glassware and crockery, vintage kitchenalia has a striking look that has led to it becoming a practical and yet decorative choice for many homeowners with a keen eye for style and function. There is nothing quite so appealing as a vintage coffee pot or tea pot with matching cups ready to grace your table at your next gathering with friends, or mixing up a Christmas pudding in a vintage mixing bowl. Of all vintage items, kitchenalia has an especially practical purpose as well as a decorative one, and this has led to a high demand. At Vinterior we have gathered together an impressive selection of items that will bring retro beauty into any kitchen.Explore Vinterior today and find vintage kitchenalia that will be a talking point at your next dinner party.

Get a handle on vintage kitchenalia?

The term vintage kitchenalia encompasses a multitude of items. From kettles and scales to jugs, coffee pots and casserole dishes, kitchenalia also embraces decorative utensils, storage boxes and glassware.

Perhaps the only thread that runs through all types of vintage kitchenalia is durability. Items that were built to last in centuries gone by and have survived to this day can be considered sturdy, hardwearing and well looked after. You will see from our listings that many of the pieces in our collection remain beautifully preserved and just as functional as they were on the day they were created.

Solidity is often the hallmark of vintage kitchenalia with earthenware and stoneware being commonly seen. Attractive shapes and unique detailing are also frequently on show, with novelty items being especially popular.

Why should I invest in vintage kitchenalia?

Even those with limited interest in buying original pieces for their home seem to have an interest in kitchenalia simply because it can bring an element of extra beauty along with functionality into the most used and loved room of the home.

Whether you choose a piece that you can use every day such as a coffee pot or jug, or whether you prefer to select a purely decorative piece that will be displayed in pride of place, you can be sure that a piece of vintage kitchenalia will bring even more personality into the heart of your home. Take, for example, a vintage silver plated nutcracker – a relatively small piece of equipment but one that can showcase your appreciation for quality and attention to detail. Or how about a 1960s bottle opening set, a great conversation starter at a dinner party as you open your first bottle of the evening. And choosing heavy duty 1920s shop scales instead of a modern digital set means that you not only have a practical piece of kit but a fantastic ornament for your windowsill, work surface or dresser.

With so many vintage pieces being made of robust and durable materials, you can also be sure that your vintage bowl, casserole dish or jug will stand the test of time.

Find vintage Kitchenalia at Vinterior

Vinterior has brought together an amazing selection of beautiful vintage kitchen items that are sure to inspire homeowners everywhere to bring the past back to life in the most practical way possible. From vintage ice buckets and cocktail shakers for your next party to a wonderfully retro vintage bread bin that will be the focal point of your worktop, Vinterior has what you’re looking for. Browse our listings today.

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