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Even those who have no interest in incorporating vintage furniture into their home often favour vintage kitchen equipment and crockery. This is because retro and vintage pieces have a particularly unique look and thanks to their incredibly practicality you can still get plenty of use from these attractive items. Vintage jugs are highly in demand among homeowners since they are not only decorative in design but also extremely functional. Explore Vinterior today and discover beautiful vintage jugs that will take pride of place on any table.

Choosing vintage jugs

Jugs have been around since the very earliest days, although the word itself was only introduced into the English language in the 15th century. In Roman times jugs made from clay or glass were used for transporting and storing food and it is interesting that they have changed surprisingly little in terms of shape and functionality over the years.

The style, design and shape of a vintage jug will depend on its intended function. For example, a gravy jug will have a shorter, longer shape and a small handle. Often made from ceramics they have delicate detailing and patterns. A sauce jug will have a similar shape but a taller height.

A jug intended for pouring wine or water will be considerable taller and larger than a gravy or sauce jug. Glass and glazed ceramics are popular materials for water jugs since they don’t alter the taste of the wine or water. Wine jugs are elegant and often very decorative with turned bases, handles and spouts. Curled spouts are common for both wine and water jugs due to the thin nature of the liquid which needs to be poured carefully to avoid spillages.

While some vintage jugs are dark in colour, these were usually intended to be functional pieces rather than decorative ones for display. Some are brightly coloured and feature unusual and attractive shapes to catch the eye.

Buying vintage jubs

Although jugs can be bought almost everywhere, a modern piece won’t have the character or style of a vintage jug. While a modern jug from your local homeware shop will certainly be practical, a vintage jug is something you will want to showcase on your dresser, on a mantelpiece or in a glass-fronted cabinet.

Vintage jugs were crafted with both style and function in mind, and the result is a stunning piece which looks great without comprising on practicality. Whether you opt for a rare mid-century Scandinavian jug by Gunnar Nylund or a Georgian crystal and silver plate claret jug, there is something for all tastes and styles here at Vinterior.

Of course, you may simply want a jug to take the place of a vase and add character to your flower display in your kitchen or windowsill. A vintage galvanised jug is a popular choice for this purpose – working beautifully in farmhouse kitchens and industrial-style rooms.

Find vintage jugs at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior you will find a stunning collection of vintage jugs sourced from more than a thousand sellers around the UK. By shopping on our online marketplace you can be confident that the vintage and antique jugs you find are of the highest quality and will make an easy conversation starter among any guests. From everyday pieces that are perfect for holding your milk on the breakfast table to ornate pieces which will add extra elegance to your next dinner party, Vinterior has inspiration for everyone.

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