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Vintage industrial furniture strikes a perfect balance between beauty and utility, which perhaps explains why it is the hottest trend in interior design right now. Though it is most commonly associated with converted warehouse apartments and lofts, the extraordinary versatility of industrial furniture means that it is highly coveted and adaptable to almost any interior. The use of a combination of natural and manmade materials chosen for strength and sturdiness not only creates interest, it also means that industrial furniture can withstand anything that you and your family can throw at it. Browse our extensive selection of vintage industrial furniture here at Vinterior and find something uniquely stylish that will complement your home perfectly.

Why choose vintage industrial furniture at Vinterior?

It may seem counterintuitive that homes around the UK have embraced industrial design. After all, why would you want to make your home appear less refined, less comfortable and more like a factory from the industrial revolution – somewhere you probably don’t want to work. But that observation would be to ignore the subtle elegance and edgy appeal of the industrial look.

In fact, there is something reassuring and eye-catching about the show of strength that you see in nuts, bolts, steel beams and roughly hewn wood. On a practical level, the industrial look is characterised by solid pieces of furniture that last and last. In a family home this quite simply means that you can feel more relaxed and less concerned that you are living in a space where things might break.

Vintage industrial pieces also seem to have gained favour as an alternative to the flimsy flat-pack world of modern mass-market furniture that has saturated the high street. Choosing a bar stool, table or even coat stand that has lasted for decades not only gives you a great story to tell your guests but also promises to outlive a lightweight furnishing that has been rushed off the production line.

While mass produced furniture is made as cheaply as possible, vintage and antique furniture displays the very highest levels of craftsmanship and the best selection of materials, which is why it stands the test of time. Here at Vinterior, we love to find fabulous vintage pieces new homes where they’ll be loved and cared for. From large, commanding pieces – a dresser, for example, or a sideboard – to small decorative flourishes like brass handles, distressed mirrors and pendant lights, there is something to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for a standard lamp or a dining table, a shelving unit or a workbench, we are confident that there’s a fabulous industrial-style option that’s perfect for you.

We sell upcycled and bespoke, too

We also stock upcycled industrial pieces – tables and units made from vintage industrial metal piping and wood, for example, or reclaimed blocks of pine mounted on vintage-style hairpin legs to create a fantastic desk. These are a great way of repurposing useful pieces of industrial history that may otherwise have been lost, creating something bespoke and beautiful that is truly unique.

Some vintage industrial pieces may have characterful blemishes from their former life – wooden work surfaces may carry a lustrous patina from years of use – whilst metal signage may be slightly rusted, adding instant retro appeal to any room.

No matter whether it is your bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallway, if you are trying to bring a little industrial chic to your home, make our collection your first port of call.