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Mirrors have an incredibly important role to play in establishing the personality, character and style of your interior spaces. They are both practical items – for checking your appearance – and statement pieces that must deliver on your wall just as a photograph or piece of wall art might do. Perhaps most importantly of all, a mirror has a unique ability to create light and space in a room by reflecting both natural and electric lights back into the space and to give a sense of illumination. Having been produced on a large scale for the first time during the 1800s mirrors are both household essentials and often underappreciated items of furniture. Why not elevate your interior design with a stunning vintage hanging mirror? Browse our collection today.

Vintage hanging mirrors: finding the right piece for you

The term “Vintage mirror” actually covers quite a broad spectrum of designs, styles, eras and influences. So, before you explore any further have a think about the kind of look you wish to achieve and how that might fit with the kind of space you have available.

For example, would you like the bold aesthetic of an Art Deco mirror – often frameless but with coloured and bevelled glass in places? Or would you prefer a mid-century design with a sleek, subtle and very smooth teak frame? As an alternative, would you prefer a 1970s industrial style mirror that is rugged and unrefined in chrome, brush steel or even copper colours?

Vintage Wall Mirror Sizes & Styles

You should also consider, of course, the size and shape that’s best suited to your space – be it on a mantlepiece, next to the front door or in a bathroom. Mirrors are particularly important in creating mood, accentuating what is already there and giving an illusion of something else. If you’re looking to emphasize on width, then a long horizontal vintage hanging mirror is the best choice for you. This kind of shape helps sweep eyes along a line thus creating an illusion of a wider space.

Angular shapes such as rectangles are the best in giving a restrained look while circular or rounded mirrors provide a softer or whimsical look depending on its frame style. Shapes can, however, be created by grouping several mirrors.It is also essential to take note of the size of the vintage hanging mirror. Small sizes of such mirrors hanging on large walls will look lost and irrelevant. Matching the size of your vintage hanging mirror to the size of the wall is appropriate.

For a vintage hanging mirror to be the focal point in a room, make sure that it’s not only large enough but also has a noticeable frame to attract attention. For a vintage hanging mirror that’s to function as a background, make sure that it’s extra-large and does not have an attractive frame to avoid drawing attention.

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No matter what the style, size or design you want to choose, shopping for a vintage mirror is a sure-fire way to add charm and genuine aesthetic appeal to your home. Thanks to the extensive network of sellers who list products here at Vinterior, there is nowhere better for you to find that perfect heritage piece. We list everything from Art Deco to industrial, mid-century to Boho. So, explore our site today and allow yourself to be inspired.